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Posted by: seanery Sep 29 2005, 06:55 PM

We don't like rules, but hey, you gotta have a few and we want 914World to be a friendly place where people come to chat about cars and life, so here they are.

* Racism doesn't have a place at 914World.

* Don't call anyone names. Treat other members like your mother taught you - If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

* We like everyone to be able to have their voice, so we won't edit, delete or lock a thread or post unless it's just gotta be done. Keep yer dirty pictures in the Sandbox, too. We'll do our best to send you a PM before we clean up yer messes.

* We hope you use our classifieds, but the 914World team can't be responsible for the actions of buyers and sellers. Remember the latin "Caveat Emptor"... (translation: let the buyer beware.)

* Please, let's not talk about Politics & Religion. Wars have been fought for years and years because of Politics and Religion, so let's keep 'em out of 914World.

* Remember keep yer dirty pictures in the Sandbox. Yes, this includes avatars and pictures in signatures.

* We welcome your off topic posts, but please label your post so it's obvious (begin your topic with "OT:").

The 914World Admin team.

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