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Posted by: rdauenhauer Feb 5 2018, 07:22 PM

If youve ever towed or moved your car w/ .5 shafts removed you run the risk of
wrecking the R. wheel bearings. sad.gif
Here is the answer. A spare set of stub axles aktion035.gif
Hardware included. Several sets available
$40 shipped (CONUS) Available


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Posted by: pete000 Feb 5 2018, 09:28 PM

PM Sent

Posted by: rdauenhauer Feb 19 2018, 06:30 PM


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Posted by: mepstein Mar 13 2018, 11:37 AM

Very good idea.

Posted by: rdauenhauer Mar 28 2018, 01:06 PM


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Posted by: BuddyV May 23 2018, 01:04 PM

OK.... I need help with this..... I have replaced rear bearings, so I can picture the rear set up. What is the problem towing without the 1/2 shafts attached?

I want to avoid having to re-do those suckers as best I can.

Please explain..... sounds like you solved a problem I was not aware existed.


Posted by: 914werke May 23 2018, 01:13 PM

Ill give this a shot, you CAN tow w/o the .5 shafts as long as stubs are installed.
The rear bearings are "Split bearings" effectively two races in a shell that are only held ridged when the shaft of the stub axle is installed, without that support they can come apart.

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Posted by: mepstein Feb 25 2019, 08:38 PM

If you ever have to buy the nuts and washers you would realize this is a great deal.

Posted by: a9146luvr Feb 26 2019, 03:11 AM

looks to me like you're out of stock?

Posted by: 914werke Feb 27 2019, 11:33 AM

confused24.gif nope I have both Stubs & Tow brackets available smile.gif

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