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Posted by: mb911 Jan 20 2019, 03:32 PM

I have 3 bumpers that I am converting for the GT oil cooler cut outs..

These 3 will be up for sale once completed with a couple options

Bumper mod $475

Core charge $175

Chroming $375-425 range through Oscar.

If you have your own bumper you don't have to pay a core charge, if you want chrome that is best handled directly with Oscar and I will get you his contact info. I have now done 20 of these and have a very good system using laser cuts and then TIG welding them in and finish grind ready for your body work or chroming.

Attached is a couple pictures the 3 pictured are prepped and ready for me to finish them up for the end user. Then a picture of a finished bumper.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Attached Image Attached Image

Posted by: mb911 Jan 20 2019, 03:33 PM

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Posted by: mb911 Feb 10 2019, 08:02 PM

Still have 3 of these ready for your GT project.

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