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Posted by: bdstone914 Jul 31 2020, 03:21 PM

I have two pedal sets built with a ball bearing that replaces the plastic or bronze bushing for the clutch cable clevis attachment. This is the weakest link of the pedal set. Even the bronze bushing wear due to the small surface for friction contact. They may wear even faster as I have seen many show the same elongation from wear.

Using a ball bearing allows the clutch clevis pin to rotate with the bearing and not wear a groove in it. The remaining bushings are bronze. New rubber stoppers are installed.

The housing, cross flange, clutch arm and brake push rod zinc plated.
The housing is then powder coated as are the pedals.
New or cleaned brake light switches are used. The springs are either new or replated.

I had to increase the price due added tooling and machining costs.

I can send out a restored set first allowing swapping out the pedal set at one time.
Acceptable cores need to have both pedals moving and a good brake light switch.

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Posted by: Tdskip Aug 1 2020, 04:32 PM

These are beautifully done Bruce

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