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Posted by: 914 RZ-1 Jan 25 2019, 11:32 PM

I'm starting to put my car back together after painting it. I had a hard time getting one of the turn signal boots off. My questions are:

1. Do I need to take off the spade connectors? Seems like it would be easier to remove them and also to re-insert the wires back into the rubber boots.

2. Where can I get QUALITY 6.3mm Female Spade Crimp Terminal Connectors? Amazon has them for about $0.06 each, but the reviews are mixed. Some sites have them for about $0.25 EACH! Lowes/Home Dept do not have the type I need: the ones that have the wires crimped on with a special crimper, not smashed on with pliers. Look at your wire connections and you'll see what I'm talking about.
I'd like to find some sort of electrical supply place. I used to get this stuff at Radio Shack. Where is the new Radio Shack-like place to get electronic parts?

3. Is there a trick to cutting off/removing the rubber boots? Took me an hour off cutting with wire cutters, a razor knife, pliers, etc. I finally realized I could pull the wires thru the boot after dabbing a little lube (Tri-Flow) between the boot and the wires. Did I just answer my own question?

Thought I'd ask before going on. I still have to do the taillights and headlights.

Posted by: bbrock Jan 26 2019, 01:19 AM

I think you did answer your own question. I installed my boots a couple weeks ago. A suprisingly PITA job but I was able to pull the wires through with the spades on by fishing a piece of bailing wire through the boot, slathering plenty of glycerine around, and pulling the wires through. Tight fit, but they made it. I did have spare spades on hand just in case I pulled one off.

You can get AMP spades that are OEM through digikey. Part # A27584CT-ND
for 18-22 gauge or A27587CT-ND for 14-18 gauge.

Posted by: Tbrown4x4 Jan 26 2019, 09:28 AM

I just put 914Rubber boots on the front markers and turn signals. It was tight, but I fished them through single file with no issues. And yes, glycerin or the wire lube that electricians use for wire pulls helps a lot.

The most important part of the crimping process is the quality of the crimpers you use. The best pliers are not economical for just a few crimps, so I would check Amazon for something cheaper.

I just checked out those digikey terminals. They're coming to my house soon! Too bad they only have 11,000 in stock. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Matty900 Jan 27 2019, 12:48 AM

There is a short cut coming soon

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Posted by: 914 RZ-1 Feb 2 2019, 04:16 PM

Here's what I did after getting frustrated after trying futilely to feed the wires:

1. Cut the connectors off

2. Cut the black plastic wire cover off. It was brittle and hard to bend anyway.

3. Coated the wires with lube

4. Put the side marker lights thru

5. Put the turn signal lights thru
They both pushed thru easily with the lube

6. I bought new connectors (thanks for the tip!) and attached them. It wasn't easy; the wires are barely long enough so I had to work inside the fender.

7. I added some heat shrink around the connections.

I've only done one side. I'm hoping the other side goes quicker.

Posted by: campbellcj Feb 10 2019, 10:45 AM

Thanks as well re. the digikey reference and this thread's info - very timely for me

Posted by: Mikey914 Feb 10 2019, 05:19 PM

Highly recommend replacing g the boots while the ends are off while you are doing this. Most are crap.

Got both of you need them.


Posted by: tmc914 Feb 10 2019, 07:35 PM

QUOTE(Matty900 @ Jan 27 2019, 01:48 AM) *

There is a short cut coming soon

Think I am going to wait for the short cut before tackling this job. Thanks.

Posted by: IronHillRestorations Feb 11 2019, 08:43 AM

I've found that a small set of snap ring pliers (fixed tip) works really well for opening up rubber boots to sneak spade connectors through

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