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Posted by: Tdskip Jan 13 2021, 11:17 AM

Looks like a prior owner forced a lug nut to thread all the way home despite it not really wanting to fit.

Time to take a tap/die set to the hub and then make sure I have a clean/good lug? Assume so but wanted to double check (please).


Posted by: mepstein Jan 13 2021, 11:20 AM

Try a thread chaser first. They help to reform the existing thread rather than cut new.

Posted by: Tdskip Jan 13 2021, 11:40 AM

Thanks Mark.

Do the lug threads give up first or the hub?

Posted by: Tdskip Jan 13 2021, 04:15 PM

M14x1.5 tap and die cleaned time all up.

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