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Its winter now!

Since August, I have got the Westy running great now and I use it for a DD. The Camper Special runs really strong but have to fix a leaky pushrod tube and the tranny leaks alot! Tuned the AFM with the LM1 and I am playing with the AFR setting it at 14to1 for now. I installed the early HE's and new muffler and WOW heat pours out!!! yea! heat.
Blairs car is sitting awaiting more funds but it does run nicely. The front suspension is shot so driving it is an adventure!

My 914 is stored mostly in the winter but I have some little projects to complete. For one, the heat only comes out of the passenger side so I need to fix that! Put a new accel cable in but its really stiff so that too needs fixing. blink.gif

Bought a 76 complete gauge pod from Mueller that I'll clean up and use sometimes as it will give the car somemore originality. the original was switched out by the PO so this will be nice to have. Also I have located a bunch of EGR parts so those could be remounted to give it the period look after restoring them I'll post pics. smile.gif

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