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Feb 2010
Lots of news, let's see the 914 got damaged in a parking garage in Dec and got it fixed using parts from my stash. I had the paint and body work done and it turned out nice. The damage was at the right turn signal bucket but was easy to repair. The car developed a horn honking problem when turning the wheel. Ah, the Momo wheel was set too close so it was digging in to the turn signal switch below. Installed a spacer to set the gap correctly. I also replaced the inner steering column works as the aluminum piece inside was cracked making for a loose wheel. New column bearing too so now it is rock steady and turns easy!!
Bought a 1970 Convertable Ghia this summer and have done a ton of work on that. Repaired the rear defrost, heat exchangers, bumpers, interior light, new windshield seal, new dash, new horn wiring, brake warning system wiring, dash lights, fuel gauge, balls joints and tie rods etc. The list is endless but it drives nicely now with heat!

The Westy is undergoing windshield lip replacement and is taking forever to do. Finally got the metal after waiting two months for it to arrive. slowly cutting and fitting it in and welding it in. Not my favorite job. We did use it alot this summer camping and driving around but when the rains came it leaked alot. So I parked it in the garage and pulled the windshield to find several rust spots. I do have a brand new PPG windshield to install as soon as I finish the metal repairs. chair.gif

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