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She's runnin' like a dream!

We finally did it! The conversion is mechanically complete and we had her running this weekend. A few things like putting in the Dynamat and the new interior and we'll be done, done.
Wow, I had no idea how trippling the horsepower would feel. For those of you that think hauling 'all that water around' in the radiator and piping makes any difference, think again. The car went from 80 hp to 240 hp, so 20 lbs of water and pipe can't even be felt.
This thing flies like a 'bat out of hell', it really does. It pulls very hard in all gears.
Watch the video below and you'll see what I mean. I will weigh the car soon and I believe it will the same as original. The motor is actually a little lighter than the stock 1.8.
And it is a very reliable motor, doesn't leak oil, doesn't need valve adjustments, etc, etc. Timing belt every 60k and that's about it.
I love my 914 and am keeping the exterior looking completely stock but I was very tired of all the headaches. Same reason I only use Mac computers. I am not a mechanic and don't want to tech support my computer either.

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