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Point problems

Okay...I finally found out what was REALLY going on. Why it wouldnt re start. The ignition did need replaced but not the main reason.
The prevoius owner had installed a Chevy one wire alt. I was getting a full 12V to the points at all times and it had melted the insulator on the points cam/rod/bar" thingy"?". I was told that it is supposed to get only 9.3V with the key in the run position and 12V only when you engage the starter. Notice in the picture the orange stuff melted. Gap and everything was set correctly, it just had leaned over enough to ground out without the insulation on that little bar. Solution: I could have intsalled a new set of points and a "univerasal ballest resistor" on the wire going to the dist to reduce the voltage to the correct amount (9.3). Instaed I went ahead and upgraded to a 12V Pertronix electronic ignition that will handle the full 12V's all the time. Runs better than ever now! step forward and four backwards. On to the next learning issue headbang.gif beer3.gif

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