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> Zach's Carbs to Microsquirt conversion thread, 7/20/18 update
post Oct 11 2011, 06:44 PM
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I am retrofitting this thread to be my full on conversion thread, documenting my change from dual 40 Webers to MSII fuel injection.

Here is what I have so far, and what I need:
  • MSIIv3.52 pre-built box.
  • JimStim board for testing the MSII box
  • V3 main Board wire harness.

    Will soon have:
    Injection system off a 1.8 914, from which I will use
  • Throttle body
  • Intake Runners
  • Fuel Injectors (unless I find they don't flow enough fuel)
  • Fuel Rail
  • Fuel Pump (maybe - Joe may still need it for himself)

    Stuff I need:
  • TPS or MAF sensor
  • 4 wire O2 sensor
  • Bung welded into exhaust
  • Fuel Pump (Maybe, see above)
  • Other stuff I don't know about yet
The engine is a 2056, particulars as follows:
Built on 1.7 heads.
Jake's 9530 cam (carb cam similar to Web 494)
Mallory optical ignition
ACCEL (UltraCoil) coil.
SSI exchangers for exhaust.

My goals for this project are to have near stock intake noise volume, better cold starting - especially in cooler weather, negate the bad effects or Ethanol on carbs, teach myself something about fuel injection.

Since I already have a pretty good ignition system, I am not going to go after crank fired ignition at this time, but I am not ruling that out for the future.

Before I begin the conversion, I am going to pull the engine and do a little refreshing and cleaning, including:
  • Fixing an oil leak at the front of the engine
  • cleaning under all tins (not that I exect to find much, but its a good thing to do)
  • Fix some cooling tins issues that I have been living with for the past 2 years
  • Open up holes in the tins I welded shut so I can replace heater tubing and heat my cabin!
  • Check for battery acid leaks or rust appearance in the engine bay. Neutralize.
I am getting ready to start my conversion form carbs to EFI.

My goal is to use as much stock EQ as I can, but replace the sensors and such with modern, easy and cheaper to find stuff. Plus, since my car has a cam, the stock FI will not work.

My engine has 1.7 4 bolt heads.
1) are the 1.7 and 1.8 intake runners the same?
2) Is the intake runner inside diameter smaller then the 2.0 intake runner ID?
3) is the throttle body for the 1.8 smaller then the throttle body for the 2.0?

If the 1.8 TB is smaller then the 2.0, can the 2.0 TB be swapped in?

Are 1.8 injectors high or low impedance?

I am asking this as I will be able to get Joe's discarded 1.8 bits when he pulls his engine and starts going down the 2056 route.

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