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> Introduction of guy and car...., first 914 on its way....
post Jun 22 2016, 08:43 AM
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working on my first 914 !

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My first 914 !
Introduction of guy and car....

Frank, from Holland, the Netherlands, Europe. Frankvw on the forum.

I am no stranger to the car hobby, but totally new to the Porsche world. So, not only did I recently buy my first 914, it was actually my first Porsche.
For many years I am into VW's some came and went, but also some stayed: a 1960 VW Beetle Ragtop and a 1978 VW T2b Westfalia Berlin.
After deciding I wanted a 914, I did a lot of reading and looking what was 'out there'
I did check a lot on the internet, including (of course) the 914world forums, especially from January 2016 onwards when I sort of decided I was going for it !
In april 2016 I did sign up to 914world as a member to make it more registered and tried to keep up through the different topics.
I already tried to contribute in different topics, since I also will be taking a lot from the 914world community.

How did I buy my first 914 ?
I kept an eye on the classified section of 914world, but nothing came along or was sold too soon. I wanted to buy from a clubmember so I had a better idea what I was buying.
Being from the Netherlands, Europe, it would be a buy based on trust. I figured that was easier to find on the 914world with your backup.
I did also check Craigs List to see what was out there, prices, details etc but my idea was that it would be hard to find a trust-deal on there.
I also kept an eye on Ebay, but I learned soon the cars were sold for higher prices then I had in mind. I saw the comment on the 914world somewhere : 'Evilbay is a great place to overpay'
I wanted a driver, not a project car and one day a 914 showed up on Ebay, a 1973 1.7 914, second owner with all history with it.
I contacted the seller and I had the idea I could find that trust-buy with him, we had good communication (mail, phone, SMS) and he was willing to help out in the shipping process.
I did enter the bidding war (well...20 bids in total) and I won !

The car and the color...
as mentioned, a 1973 914 1.7 with its original FI, on Riviera's. In fact, all is original except for one respray in 2002, in the original color.
The second owner bought it 18 years ago from the original owner who had it the first 25 years. Almost all history and maintenance known !
The most interesting part is the color. It was already discussed on the forum, since the seller called it sepia brown and it wasn't.
Before the auction ended I contacted Porsche Germany to help me check the color and they helped out (as much as possible).
We found the data they normally print on the COA, and there was stated it had several options. for example interior 31 (beige leatherette), was sold through a dealer in LA to first owner, option 570 (extra seat cushion) etc.
But also was stated on the files that this 914 was delivered in Color option 99 - Special Wish, which translated in code 98 on the Karmann doorpillar ID.
It was definately a custom wish, since the car was bought in the original color by last owner and he had it resprayed in 2002 since some of the clearcoat faded/came off.... and 914's had no clearcoat from the factory I learned.
Porsche could not find out what color it ended up in, so no more info on the color besides seller claiming it was resprayed in the same color it was before.
It is for sure a metallic brownish color, and the targaroof was also painted that color by the way...
I will have to wait what the real original color was if I remove some parts/carpets.....In case you have ideas or opinions about this color...let me know !

Yes. Car has to be transported to the Netherlands from USA. First, car will be transported from Connecticut to NJ (see pic attached)
and from NJ it will be loaded in the harbour of NY to be send on it's way to Europe.
I waited to post this intro since I thought when the car started his journey away from the sellers house, my adventure and ownership will start (although I already went through the financial process and paperwork)
Car was just picked up in Connecticut ! (see pic attached) voila, my intro !

What is next?
After the car arrives in the Netherlands, I have to pay tax, more tax and some other tax, since it is from outside Europe. Then I have to bring it for a Identity check and a Technical check
All needs to work and should be in good (enough) order, important stuff like structure and brakes, but also the small stuff like wiperrubbers and working horn. You get the idea.
This means I have to go through the car before I go there, and that is when I see what I still really need to do on the car to be able to drive it in NL.
I already know about some small issues with the car, from the info of the seller, but you always have to wait what really pops up, right ?
I also need some items not needed for this tests, like better beige vinyl seatcushion covers and one targaroof clip holder, but I will keep my eyes on the classifieds here !
After the tests, a Dutch registration, licenseplates, insurance and go with that banana (like we say in Holland) :-)

Ok...enough for now (problably already too much to share for an intro, but I got carried away typing, sorry)
Frank (Frankvw)

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