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Full Version: Who wants to share a room for the second event, and DOES NOT SNORE? > The 914 Forums > Events Forum > Past Event Planning Threads
Dr Evil
I can split a room with several people if ya want, my only rule is no snoring as I cant sleep (it an issue). smile.gif
sorry bro, I snore badly. sometimes I wake myself smile.gif

I have a TAP device, but I can't wear both pieces of it, it murders my jaw joint. so it's not very effective.

rick 918-S
I have been waken up many nights with a fist in my back or a pillow whack because I snore. I actually shared a room one night with another CAT adjuster while working out of town. I woke up in the morning to discover he rented another room in the middle of the night... yellowsleep[1].gif
I've been told I don't snore confused24.gif
Dr Evil
You may be the winner, Ed. If you want to split a room, I am down for that.
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