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rick 918-S
Guy's. This has been a real trip. I'm willing to let this fizzle. We did a good thing but I'm not into patting myself on the back.

I'm sure everyone is burned out after the push over the last few weeks. I am. This event could have gone very bad. It was through all your efforts that it worked out very well.

In the event we do something in the future I'm wondering if it should be such an ambitious undertaking.

Also, we need to keep our eyes open for members with the drive to assist if we ever do something like this again.

Any thoughts?

Oh! We need a full list of everyone that helped out. It would be nice to send a pm to everyone thanking them for getting involved.
I'm sure everyone is burned out after the push over the last few weeks. I am. This event could have gone very bad. It was through all your efforts that it worked out very well.

it still wasn't perfect, but it was a truly great experience.

would I do it again? sure! would I drive 10 hours to do it again? maybe smile.gif lets not choose February next time tho... maybe some time in the spring biggrin.gif

we need a white board next time. the recon team can make a list of everything to do, and then people can take "ownership" of the task and mark it out when completed. we can also mark if something needs to be done before something else...

next time we need to make sure and bring more tools.. there was a lot of chaos in looking for the tools needed. I had intended on bringing a box full, and forgot them in the mad rush to get out of town.

guys like Ed and Mike with their complete knowledge really made this project go great!
I believe the root of success for the whole thing came from Mary herself - her character, her need, her story, her car, and her decision to reach out to the world site. There's just something magical about a good cause and the feeling that it was meant to be...

Then by committee: Rick - brought people together and did the recon, Mike was on the ground and heavily behind the scene, Wayne - big stash o parts and then the drive, Ed - expert and key overseer of the event, and Dr Evil - from the raffle prize to being there to rebuild the tranny, to being there for the build.... each of you "get" it.

When Wes Van died and his car was left on jackstands.. the people he helped came forward and it become clear that we lost a great guy... it made me want to do something and be a part of something that finishes things that need to be finished... but as Rick pointed out early on.... not every story has a happy ending...

I'll bet you can you imagine Mary sitting on a half restored 914 in Garden City..

Without you and all the people who contributed, the probability of failure was much much higher than not. Can you imagine another 10K into it and more problem after problem without our efforts?

Mary will have "friends" in all of us for life now....

Thanks to all of you... each of you have a friend out here in Pleasanton, and a seat at my table....

I don't know what the next "thing" will be, or if it will be or anything... but I have a feeling that if or when the "right" thing comes along... it will find us...

In the meantime, lets keep the "angel" network together in each of our individual 914 pursuits.

Kind Regards,
Rob Ways

rick 918-S

I just had to post one more time and thank all of you all again. I spoke with Mike Moorman on the phone the other night about wanting to send all the guys and women that helped out with this a PM thanking them and reccognizing their efforts. Mike was going to see about a list.

Like Rob said. This type of thing may never come together in this way again. But who knows. Until then, I will always be thinking about all of you all!
if it does happen again, I'm there!

I think it went really well. In hindsight there were things that could have been better prepared or organized but everyone was motivated so the obstacles were speed bumps rather than roadblocks.

Having that shop to work in was a major asset. Beside a good build crew having all the support people was great.

I've been to more than a couple of events. There are bits of other events I'll always remember but overall this one was by far the best. And there was only 3 914's there. smile.gif

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