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I know that we're not even mid-way through March, but it's probably not a bad time to start thinking about the warmer NE months we have ahead.

I'll be getting my car out of storage after a once over in the next month, so what's worth checking out?

I know that Carlisle always holds a bit of promise on the regular and there's always the Hershey get-up (that I'll finally attend this year, god-willing).

If it's friendly enough (heh) to introduce, my pops and I will have a recent 63 Ghia convertible restoration ready by then as well.

So what do you say? What's worth going to? Any show or place that we should run amok and bring a strong 914 presence to?
Hershey would be a good place to start meeting some of the semi-local to you 914ers.

...then, this might be a good place to start posting our other much smaller get-togethers/wrenching sessions. We have a bunch of 914 owners around the tri-state area now. Our population has grown over the past few years. Most of us hung out at the smaller community over at the 914club website, but since that seems to be going by the way side, this might be the place to plan...

post here some pics of your car and how you came about aquiring it.

The group of us from Northern Jersey go on lots of fun runs on the weekends. Unfortuneately, most would start a distance from you. But hopefully we could gear up some for more southern or central Jersey, or in your area. be continued.
So speaking of... who lives in the tristate area? I've seen some local folk when I dig into a random thread or dive into profiles. I've seen peeps from outside of Willow Grove, Mountaintop and parts of Philly.

I won't make it to the upcoming Hershey meet-up (Easter is a family tradition == good food and family).

QUOTE(netbanshee @ Apr 16 2011, 08:28 PM) *

So speaking of... who lives in the tristate area?

What do _you_ mean when you say 'the' tristate area?

I've lived all over the country and every region has one.
Do you mean Del-Md-Va ? (DelMarVa?)
Something else ?
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