I have these listed on EvilBay as well, but will pull the auction if someone here wants an item - no crank-yankers.

I will tell you what I want for an item and what my eBay Auction ( always No Reserve) starts at - Fair? confused24.gif

914-6 Steering Wheel - also the wheel used on the 1973 Carrera RS dur to the 380mm width. Original Leather, Stitching is still good, Nice Patina. Includes Nice Butterfly.

Want - $500
Ebay start ( no reserve) - $200

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912 Hockey Puck Horn Button


Tool Kit

Want - $700
Ebay $599 Free Shipping

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914-6 Factory Oil Cooler out of a 19,000 Mile car


Want - $800
eBay - $600

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914-6 NOS ( New Old Stock) Relay Board

Want - $900
eBay - $550

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