I have a garage full of large 914 stuff I'd like to pass on...and make a little $$ in the process to keep my 2 teeners healthy and roadworthy.

A few of us in the Northern Jersey area were thinking about a local swap meet; kind of like what Glenn and Ron do on the left coast, just not the same scale.

I'm looking for parking lots that would permit, but that would be local to me (Northeast NJ)....any body out there in the tri-state area have any ideas?? or locations..?

lots of my stuff is back pads, bumpers, springs, etc.
not willing to bring with me to Hershey...since I'm driving my 914 and of course, would not fit in my car.

this stuff will just grow old in my home...not planning on anymore projects that would require it all.

....so...any ideas??

oh yeah, hopefully a Barbeque would be attached to the event