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Curvie Roadlover
crest.gif Saturday, August 7th is the date set for SMOG’s Mid-West 914 Classic 2004. It will begin at 8:30 am on the lawn of the Whitmore Lake Big Boy/Best Western Motel at Exit 53 off of US 23. There will be competition for various categories such as “best 6 cylinder car”, “best 4 cylinder car, early and late model”, “best paint job”, “people’s choice”, etc. There will also be plenty of time for bench racing and parts swapping so bring your rare parts and memorabilia to sell or trade. We expect to hand out awards and then break for lunch about 12 noon. The afternoon kicks off with the “Fun Run Straight To HELL!” (Hell, Michigan. that is) and a stop for ice cream before continuing on with the Fun Run. From Hell, we’ll saddle up and experience some of the best 914 roads lower Michigan has to offer. We’ll finish up at Yesterday’s Collection. If you’ve never been there, you’re in for a treat. They sell all sorts of automobile memorabilia, models, books, you name it. Oh, and they also have an ice cream parlor!
We look forward to seeing everyone there. Further details regarding the event will be posted as they become available. Rooms are available at the Best Western Motel at a discount if you mention you’re with the Porsche 914 group. The number is (734) 449-2058.
I'll be there.

Hmm.. that T-shirt looks familair...
Hi Curvie,

Good Job & Thanks for re-organizing the Mid-West meet. My sympathy goes out to Dave, since he is the orginator of this meet. I am sure Dave will surface once he feels able.

Lets get down to the business of making this meet a success. Looks like lots of help is behind Curvie (Tom) & the SMOG group. Looking forward to Aug. 7th.

Maybe I can still have that "smack down" with Tom Potter on the hood of
Rich's 914-8 - Alien - 928 powered car. Hope he comes.
Winner get's a bottle of "Two Buck Charlie Wine". Same bottle from last year. Potter didn't show up. Are you out there Potter???


I have some other news soon to be released. Hint, Hint (it's about the VW invite to YPSI, MI on May 23rd.)
I've edited your avatar a bit.
here it is: 125x83.

Curvie, BS Chairman and I will be there. That's 3.
I just picked up a 71 canary yellow 914 and it will be there too.
4 cars and counting......
Brad Roberts

I had spoken with Dave about cooridinating the names of all the events so people would recognize them easier in the future. One common naming structure for West Coast/Mid West/East coast. My thoughts where in line with the VW guy's who have held similar events for 20 years with the same name. People in the VW circles still speak of XXX#10 10 years after the fact. I certaintly cant outright ASK you to follow along, but it would be greatly appreciated if we could speak about it over the phone. I still have your cell number.

Let me know.

According to map quest its 215 miles, and Michigan is 1 hour ahead...... Starts at,...subtract....times the diameter of the moon.... idea.gif Once I add all that up what does it mean confused24.gif

Either I get on the road at 3am or head up Friday night... ROAD TRIP...... Sean ya going??? driving.gif

Now to explain to the wife why after spending the entire week before on a "FAMILY" vacation with her side why I must go back to Michigan spank.gif

- Garold
Hi I'm new to the board, I had lunch with Dave Kimple today @ monthly PCA meet. What a great guy. I'm so glad that the meet is going to still happen!! smilie_pokal.gif One other thing I'm picking up a 914/6 this friday I can't wait driving.gif I'll see you guys in August
Can someone tell me what City this event will be held in?
Curvie Roadlover
Garold, The only penalty for being late is less time to chatsmiley.gif and to wub.gif the cars. The site is about an hour north of last years' site. Hope to see you there. As for Sean, he better show, or I'm crossing him off my Christmas card list!! wink.gif

Whitmore Lake, Michigan approx. (10) miles North of Ann Arbor, MI

tanner, welcome to the club!
Robby, we could caravan if you like.

Tom, I must have just missed your Christmas card last year then, huh?
Curvie Roadlover
QUOTE(seanery @ Apr 19 2004, 05:52 AM)
Tom, I must have just missed your Christmas card last year then, huh?

Curvie Roadlover
OK, Here's progressively increasing detailed maps to the event:
Curvie Roadlover
Curvie Roadlover
And finally:
We have secured a group room discount for you at the Best Western across the lawn from the event at exit 53 off US23 in Whitmore Lake, MI for August 6-7.
Tell them you are with the Porsche 914 group and you will be offered a room with a
King bed = $67/night or
2 Queen beds = $71/night

phone number at the Best Western is: 734 449-2058

Oh ya, there is also an Outriggers Bar/Club just next door to the Big Boy restaurant for those of you staying over (or is that hanging over?). wacko.gif
I'll be bringing my '71 914-4.

May even bring the 914-6 #269 Rotiserie and all.

45 minute drive from home for me
I'll be there. Driving up I-75 from Findlay OH. Anyone want to caravan?
jeff, if that is the best (most direct) route, I'll travel up with ya!
rick 918-S
I thought I posted in this thread. I told Barber Dave I would try to make his event so I plan on making it to the one as well. This one should be driving distance. aktion035.gif driving.gif

We need a girl headbanger emocon aktion035.gif
There will be an award category at the Midwest Classic of
So bring it on smilie_pokal.gif
Jeff & Sean I am going to be there come hell or high water. We can talk later as where to hook up.
Again thanks to the SMOG guys for stepping up to the plate. Dave kimple Barber Dave smilie_flagge6.gif
I'll be there. Will you be wearing your wife's robe? biggrin.gif
Curvie Roadlover
If it will increase attendance, sure. Why not.
you know I just remembered I have plans that weekend. w00t.gif
Curvie Roadlover
If we can get hubbys car going in time we would love to go! Sounds like a blast and we would love to meet yall!! We are north aways but not too far... doubt it will be anywhere near worthy of any trophy but it still would be fun to go!

Hope to see yall there! cool.gif
Welcome jellybellybug,

My son & I drove down last year and we had a blast. We came down in my truck, so even if your 914 isn't up to it, try and make the show. From the cars I saw last year it was well worth the time.
Curvie Roadlover
Welcome jellybellybug!! wavey.gif
Hope you make it. I know it'll be worth the trip for you. Where are you located?
Curvie Roadlover
On behalf of the Southeast Michigan 914 Owners Group, I'd like to give a big thanks to pray.gif Craig C. Laughlin and CAMP 914 for coming on board as a sponsor of the 2004 Mid-West 914 Classic.
Thanks, Craig!! clap56.gif
rick 918-S
clap56.gif clap56.gif
Hopefully, if mine is done I'll also try to make it. Just got it back from the body shop last week (total strip and repaint). Now the interior...suspension (5-lug) etc....oh what a list!
Curvie Roadlover
Hi Jim,
I just wanted to say don't not come just because your car isn't ready. Come anyway and meet the gang chatsmiley.gif drunk.gif beerchug.gif I'll bet that there will be some Chicagoland 914's coming that would'nt mind a support vehicle
I went last year in a non-914. I hope that I can make it in one this year. If not, look for a bright ass red hemi durango biggrin.gif
Curvie Roadlover

SMOG greatfully acknowledges the financial support of the upcoming 914 Midwest Classic on August 7 by Stoddard Imported Cars, Inc of Cleveland, OH.

Thank you Chuck Stoddard and Bob Accetta! smilie_pokal.gif

You are one class act and a first rate Porsche dealer.
See you at your own swap meet on June 12.
Curvie Roadlover
The Southeast Michigan 914 Owners Group would like to welcome aboard pray.gif LN Engineering as an associate sponsor of the 2004 Mid-West 914 Classic.
Thanks Charles Navarro smilie_pokal.gif for your support of our event. clap56.gif
Curvie Roadlover
The Southeast Michigan Owners Group would like to thank pray.gif Triad West Performance and pray.gif J.West Engineering for their support of the 2004 Mid-West 914 Classic.
smilie_pokal.gif Thanks Dave clap56.gif and James clap56.gif
Curvie Roadlover
SMOG gratefully acknowledges pray.gif Raby's Aircooled Technology for their support of the 2004 Mid-West 914 Classic.
clap56.gif Thanks Jake!!! smilie_pokal.gif
Curvie Roadlover
On behalf of the SMOG 2004 Mid-West 914 Classic organizers, I'd like to thank pray.gif Rich Bontempi and High Performance House for thier support of our event.
Thanks, Rich clap56.gif
The Midwest 914 Classic is proud to recognize the sponsorship of Pelican Parts. Thanks Wayne and Eli.
Mid America Motorworks is now a sponsor of the Midwest 914 Classic. Thanks Janice and the guys for your support. smilie_pokal.gif
Curvie Roadlover
SMOG is pleased to add Smart Racing Products to the distinguished list of 2004 Mid-West 914 Classic sponsors.
pray.gif Thanks, Smart Racing Products smilie_pokal.gif
You guys have done a GREAT job of setting up this event. The list of sponsors is very impressive. Just wanted to issue a public THANK YOU for your efforts. wink.gif I am looking forward to seeing everyone again.
damm, how far is it from San Francsico?

if i go, i'd like to bring my car! wink.gif
2368.4 Miles from San Francisco to Lake Whitmore, according to Microsoft Streets and Trips. So, at 90 mph, it'll take about 26 and a half hours...give or take. Think yer car could make it as a carry-on?biggrin.gif

Garold, are you planning on driving up that morning? I'll drive wingman. (hopefully in a 914 of my very own, but we'll see) driving.gif
Curvie Roadlover
QUOTE(SirAndy @ Jun 13 2004, 01:00 AM)
damm, how far is it from San Francsico?

if i go, i'd like to bring my car!  ;)

The ride from San Francisco to here is do-able in a 914 and I speak from personal experience on this. Did it in Nov.'02. The drive went better than I had expected. I brought along a huge bottle of motrin but never had to open it. I think 914's are, surprizingly, pretty comfortable cars for long hauls with the exception of the noise factor. driving.gif
Andy's not new to the long distance 914 drive. He drove my 914 from SF to Hot Springs, AR last year. driving.gif
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