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Many entries to come but we have an opening balance in our payapl account of $540 & change thanks to 2010 WCR piratenanner.gif . As regiatration fees are paid & bills are paid we will show everything here. WE haven't paid any bills yet. I did transfer $500 to the checking account so we would have it on hand & ready for whatever. Paypal is always 3-4 days out so I wanted to be sure we had some ready.

Overall account balance currently is $ !
Checking balance is ?
Paypal balance is $175.18

Transfered $1500 from paypal to checking 6-1-11
Transfered $1000 from paypal to checking 6-14-11
Paid $315 to Dan Dixon for dog tags from Paypal on 6-3-11
Cost paid $80 for service cover (Prize)
Cost of $45 (shipping for Restoration design inner rockers) reimbursement to me as they weren't setup for paypal.
montoya 73 2.0
$500 for rental
$175 for insurance
$300 for personnel, equipment and maintenance of track.

Total = $975.00

Saturday Dinner;
$13.00/person @85 70 = $1105.00$910.00
$300.00 to show up for Friday A/X (free beverages)

Total = $1210.00

Dog Tags;
$4.50each @80 70 = $360 $315 (or do we want more?) PAID

$556.50 (deposit of $275.00) $281.50 Balance. PAID
postage for T-shirts $54.45 - PAID

Crater Lake Entrance Fee;
$10.00/car @50 = $500.00

Keg of Beer;
$75.00/Keg of Micro Brew + ($80.00 - deposit and pump. refunded when returned) PAID

$300.00 - John Clemens

Grand total of $3456.50 $3265.95 $3565.95

with a checking balance of $3179.39, pending payments as of 6/17/11;

Track Fee's - $975.00
Food - $1210.00
Trophies - $300.00

Total = $2185.00 $2485.00

We will have $1000.00 $700.00 dollars left to spend during the event for extra's and the remaining will be forwarded to the WCR 2012!

Nice job gentleman for all your hard work and trying to make this the best WCR to date!
QUOTE(montoya 73 2.0 @ Mar 25 2011, 10:34 PM) *

Dog Tags;
$4.50each @80 = $360 (or do we want more?)

I don't know that we want 80 of them. I'd like one for everyone who registers but only one per registrant. I didn't plan on spouses or family members getting one also. So unless we have a big boom in registration I think 50 is a better number. Yeah we can probably sell some at the event also to those that want one. So let maybe plan for 50 & order more if we need to. I am sure he's be willing to make more later for people if we ran out there. I suppose we could order more & use them as a fund raiser also. We'd need to see if the interest was there with it. Actually not a bad idea as we could put it on the thread with shirts when we start it. What do you think? Nice thing there is we'd get a nice preorder for them & have a really accurate count idea.gif
montoya 73 2.0
I agree with pre sales of the dog tag. Do we want to say that a dog tag is included to all registrants in the thread?
If it works out in the $ (and it seems like it will), the dogtag should be free with registration (one per).
QUOTE(McMark @ Mar 29 2011, 01:02 PM) *

If it works out in the $ (and it seems like it will), the dogtag should be free with registration (one per).

Yes it is included in the registration. I was only including one with each reservation though. I did not plan on 1 for guests.

One other thing is I bought a prize for the event. $80 out of paypal to Garold Shaefer for engine service cover as a prize. He was willing to provide one as a prize. I know his mom makes them so I didn't feel right not paying for it. We will still give him advertising & props for the cover. They are awesome units & one lucky person will go away very happy with it beer.gif

While I don't plan on spending much on prizes there are a few. The engine service cover is one. The other will be a transmission. Dr Evil is going to build it for us at the PNW tranny clinic next month. I am donating the transmission. So there will just be the cost of the gasket kit. I'll try to cover the parts from one of my spare tranny's. If we need to buy something for it though I will do that from WCR along with the gasket kit. A nice rebuilt side shift transmision will be a huge prize for someone.
montoya 73 2.0
thumb3d.gif Jamie!
montoya 73 2.0
Checking Balance (June 8th) is as follows;


Check #901 for T-shirts;

in the amount of $275.00 for Deposit, with a balance of $281.50
montoya 73 2.0
check #902 for Balance of T-shirts $281.50 - Paid in full

check #903 for postage for T-shirts $54.45 - Paid

After above checks cleared, Checking Balance as of June 15th is $2339.39
montoya 73 2.0
updated post #2.

Good Job Guys! Now let's have some fun!!!!
QUOTE(montoya 73 2.0 @ Jun 17 2011, 08:14 AM) *

updated post #2.

Good Job Guys! Now let's have some fun!!!!

Don't forget the trophy cost.
It is under 300 and closer to 250 I think, I'll have a total tomorrow.
montoya 73 2.0
Hey Jamie, who re-imburses John?
We do! We'll write him a check at WCR!
montoya 73 2.0
QUOTE(JRust @ Jun 20 2011, 12:47 PM) *

We do! We'll write him a check at WCR!

hahahahaaaaa, I know we do I was asking which one of us. I updated post #2 to show the cost of trophies.
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