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Cap'n Krusty
He "says" the floor pans are solid. I, for one, am a bit skeptical. Most 912s that have been driven much have pan issues, and front suspension mounting point issues, as well.

The Cap'n
glad its not closer...I would probably make the mistake of buying it.

If you were looking at 912 is 1976 the one to look for ? and is the 914 2.0 the same engine ? idea.gif
tough question to answer.
For me, the 76 would be nice for the motor, but the bumpers on the earlier ones are better looking...
any of these motors will fit.
The early motors are worth more as they are just 356 motors...and they have a better sound and valve setup...

Nice project for someone. Glad my garage is full...
Dr Evil
Glad it is back home and not out here.
I have a strange soft spot for 912s. Not sure why, but I've been looking at them a lot lately. Not that I had an issue driving the 3.2 to a Porsche club breakfast this morning, but there is something about the early, short wheel base cars that appeal to me. Anyone want to trade a nice 912 for a nice 914-6? smile.gif

Looks like an RS but it sounds like a Vanagon.
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