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Hi Guys,

Sorry for just now posting this but I didn't get the flier until Saturday and I simply forgot to post it. Tomorrow there is going to be an auction of approximately 17 Porsche 914 car bodes pretty much 1970 - 1976 cars. No 914-6s and no complete LE cars. There is one LE Creamsickle that was totalled if they are counting it as a chassis.

There is an absolute ton of stuff that will be sold. I know there were 15 - 20 sets of door panels, seats dash tops and bottoms as an example. There were probably 10 - 20 engines most in short block form and some were long blocks. About the 8 -10 transmissoins, mostly tail shifters. I saw 10 - 20 sets of cylinder heads, and a similar number of piston and cylinder sets.

Boxes and boxes and boxes and more boxes of parts. When I saw the collection it was well organized but to save space and to reduce the numbers of trips from Little Rock to the auction site, parts were mixed. Some inadvertanly because they didn't know any better.

The auction is being conducted by Ball Auction and Realty at 501.945.7874 and there is a web link but it the photographs aren't that good and it was slow to open for me. I scanned the flier but it will not upload. If you are interested call the auction company and or click on:

I wish I could be more helpful and I am sorry for just now posting the listing. I looked at the collection months ago and made an offer but it was not accepted and I just recently I bought a large collection of parts to sell and I am loaded to the gills.

Your link doesn't it is:

Here it is
Hencar, good to see you here, If you win that auction email me please. -Joe (detoxcowboy/sambavw)
Fixed the link in the original post.
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