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Here are some acronyms you may run across on the BBS:

AA - Automobile Atlanta
AC - air conditioning (or) alternating current
ADN - any day now
AFAIK - as far as I know
ALA - as long as (also see DWD)
AX - autocross
BFH - big flippin' hammer
BTDT - been there, done that
BTW - by the way
CCW - counter-clockwise
CHT - cylinder head temp
CSOBOSC - Cheap SOB's of Southern California
CW - concours weenie (also clockwise)
D-jet - Bosch D Jetronic fuel injection
DAPO - dumb a** previous owner, when the DPO really did something stupid... like hiding rust under fiberglass
DDD - Dave Darling Dance (steps for diagnosing FI/ignition problems) or Damp Dave Darling
Dingle - don't ask
DE - drivers education
DCO - dumb current owner
DPO - dumb previous owner
DWD - DirkWright's Disease (if you never get through with a simple repair, due to finding other things to work on as long as you're in there, you have it)
ECC - East Coast Classic
ECR - East Coast Ramble
FAQ - frequently asked questions
FI - fuel injected or fuel injection
FLAPS - friendly local auto parts store
FOB - freight on board (basically means YOU pay shipping)
FWIW - for what its worth
HTH - hope that helps
HTW - How Things Work (a.k.a. Yoder's sad attempt at force-feeding knowledge)
IHA - I hate abbreviations
IIRC - if I recall correctly
IMHO - in my humble opinion
IOW - in other words
L-jet - Bosch L Jetronic fuel injection
LWB - long wheel base (used when describing 911 cars)
MFI - mechanical fuel injection
MUSR - Mid US 914 Ramble
MWC - Mid West Classic
NAR6 - Not a real (factory assembled) /6 cylinder car
NARP - not a real Porsche
Nauga - The animal from which 914 upholstery was made
NLA - No Longer Available
NOS - New-Old-Stock. A never used item, usually in original packaging, that is often NLA
NPC - No Porsche (related) Content
OEM - original equipment manufacturer
OT - Off Topic
PBEG - Pep Boys Engineering Group
PCA - Porsche Club of America
PP - Pelican Parts (or Performance Products)
RBB - Rubber Baby Bumpers
RM - Rennlist member
RSN - real soon now (sooner than ADN)
RTM - read the manual
RTFM - read the fine? manual
SCCA - Sports Car Club of America
SO - significant other
SS - stainless steel
SWB - short wheel base (used for 911 cars)
TIA - thanks in advance
TW - Toolwench (an AFFECTIONATE term for a lady in your life who enthusiastically supports you in 914 habit, to include assisting in car repairs. Like a bar-wench, only for the garage!)
WCC - West Coast Classic
WCR - West Coast Ramble
WTEG - White Trash Engineering Group
WOT - wide open throttle
WOT - Way Off Topic
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
YPAF - Yellow Porsches Are Faster (an abbrevation for the deluded... until I own a yellow 914!) smile.gif

-Rusty smoke.gif
Wow, that is pretty funny. I have never seen this list before. Some pretty good abbreviations. YKWIM?
Good list.

I think ECC is "East Coast Cookout," though.
What about NSFW?
ILBT popcorn[1].gif biggrin.gif
I didn't see RRC on there either.
Lou W
Brett W
Bring out your dead.

I did talk to Rusty last night.
QUOTE(mojorisen914 @ Sep 21 2011, 08:40 AM) *

I didn't see RRC on there either.

That post is over 7 years old. There was no RRC back then ... shades.gif
D'oh! headbang.gif
Ya... Brett did talk to me. I think we had just done a range day at my new-ish orchard.

I've been pursuing some other interests and a new career. smile.gif
Kansas 914
QUOTE(Brett W @ Sep 21 2011, 02:35 PM) *

Bring out your dead.

I did talk to Rusty last night.

I'm not dead.... I feel happy! biggrin.gif
What is a PM?
QUOTE(wndsnd @ Feb 15 2012, 09:00 PM) *

What is a PM?

Never mind figured it out..... sunglasses.gif
Mark Henry
OJS = on jack stands
Wow! That's a long list. blink.gif
I see my favorite...BFH
Mark Henry
QUOTE(green914 @ Jun 20 2013, 02:38 PM) *

Wow! That's a long list. blink.gif

Maltese Falcon
And our constant dilemma in the mfg. Business:
We reserve the the right to refuse product sales to counterfeiters.

HEs ..... Heat Exchangers
IBTL .... In Before The Lock
KMA ... Kiss My Arse
PO ...... Previous Owner - (DAPO . Dumb Ass Previous Owner)
TTOD . Top Time Of Day
Eric has a special one he likes to use. mellow.gif
QUOTE(balljoint @ Jun 21 2013, 10:14 AM) *

Eric has a special one he likes to use. mellow.gif

Eric is special.
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