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Hi Folks!
Don, you are a gentleman and a scholar for taking this on. So are the rest of you and I'm looking forward to working with you on it.

For those who don't know me, I'm

Ron Mott
13515 Abinger Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72212

I'm past pres of the Ozark Region and I have a 1974, 6-cylinder conversion. Penelope is a bit scruffy but she runs just fine and I can get around corners just about as well as you guys with shiny cars... oh wait. Some of yours aren't shiny either... hmm. I'll have to change my intro at some point.

I have a vote pending to the Ozark board this Sunday (August 14th) for approval to sponsor the MUSR-11 this year. I'm sure it'll pass. I approved the first one and we've never had a problem doing it after that. I'll be taking care of getting all the forms to make certain we get the insurance to do this.

Here's the list of requirements from the PCA side:
1. We have to have an itinerary quickly (We should submit for a multi-region, 3-event MUSR)
2. We have to have a flyer soon
3. We have to start advertizing into several PCA regions, I'll handle that with an email to the PCA activities-directors from those regions.

I have to submit the forms, the itinerary, and the flyer to the 914 SIG rep, the PCA Zone 5 Rep, and Chuck Weeks the current Ozark president. So the sooner we get those put together the easier it'll all be. I'll know soon what the subsidy amount is and will post it here when I do, as well as call Don with the amount.

I've asked Don to put up a list in this forum with all of us with who're helping to get this together and how to contact each other. For any joint conversations I can fire up my chat server. I already have a room set up from two years ago for MUSR planning purposes and I can send each of you a username/password pair to login at specified times when and if we need to have a gathering.

More later...

For now I'll sign off.... more later!
Hey Ron,

Sorry Ive missed hooking up on the phone. Try me again Mon AM...
The MUSR-11 sponsorship has been approved by the Ozark board. Roughly $300 or $350 (I'll verify early this week) is the amount that will be given to us for a three-event MUSR. This is good for more than just the money.

Without PCA (or some company's) insurance we organizers would all be personally liable for any mishaps if someone wanted to sue the MUSR for scratched paint, slipping on the oil in front of Ken's car, or fainting when Penelope's exhaust scares the shit out of them.

PCA protects us from that kind of unhappy crap.

There are some rules to follow though and we need to understand them. For instance, some of them have to do with what we can and can't do with the PCA and Porsche logos. Easy to follow so I'll cal each of you personally if the rules fall into your area.

Don't fret, it hasn't been a real buzz-kill in the past, 'cause I keep it as transparent as possible. Unless you fart Porsche crests we'll be fine, but call me with any questions about that kind of thing... PCA/Porsche issues, not farting. I have my limitations.

Final numbers on the subsidy...

2 event MUSR: $275
3 event MUSR: $330

There ya be mates!
Can someone get me a high res version of the 914 SIG logo? Can be bitmap or vector, does not matter.
All I have is a low res web version and it looks pretty rough when enlarged for the shirt design.


I figure it will be three events at least...
1. Car Show
2. Tech Quiz(need to have Ed/Chris provide us one of these)
3. Banquet

Saturday's shorter drive could be a Poker Run type deal also?
Big Enough parking lot could provide Blind AX also?
FYI the valid events are...
1. Rally
2. AX
3. Tour
4. Tech Quiz
5. Concours (I read that a car show)

You the man, Ron....
I was remembering from things I had picked up from Clay the last two the Banquet is not an event??

Friday's drive could be a tour since the Oark General Store is Historical?? The River Valley Tour(War Eagle Creek, Mulberry(Pig Trail), Buffalo Headwaters(Lost Valley), Kings River)

and I do believe Don is talking about Sat's run being a Poker Run so that would qualify as a Rally maybe?

I sent Don a Word file that I used the last two years to get an itinerary together with. I guess I need to call him since he called while I was rotating truck tires...

Thanks again Ron and looking forward to seeing ya again!
Ed Morrow has agreed to write the tech quiz for us so I will follow up with him on that.

Ron, is the $330.00 PCA money going to be in addition to the SIG money or is that the total for all subsidised monies? confused24.gif

QUOTE(hot_shoe914 @ Aug 16 2011, 10:58 PM) *

Ed Morrow has agreed to write the tech quiz for us so I will follow up with him on that.

Ron, is the $330.00 PCA money going to be in addition to the SIG money or is that the total for all subsidised monies? confused24.gif


I think we covered this on the phone Don but the PCA money is the SIG subsidy so $330 is the whole enchilada. I'll cal you today for an update on anything pertinent.

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