Okay, I was asked by Ron to put up a list of everybody helping plan this and how to contact them and what parts they are helping with. I probably should wait til I have all the info but I'm just going to put what I have and update it as I get more info.

Donald Russell - hot_shoe914 Event Coordinator



I guess I am helping with all of it even though you guys are doing most of the work. I will be the fall guy and take blame for anything that sucks or goes bad.

Ken Park - 7275914911 Routes and Maps



Ken is working on routes and maps and anything else I can get him to assist in. He is also my sounding board and idea man as he has pretty much helped plan the last 2 events with me.


Steve Schleif - poorsche914 Web Page Design and Graphics



Steve is designing and setting up the web page and registration pages and all other graphics. I have also asked him to design the T-shirts and anything else he might want to do. He did an awesome job last year on MUSR 11 and I am glad he has offered to help again this year!


Bob McCool - biker bob Lodging, route planning and anything at Eureka Springs


479-253- 9815

Bob has graciously offered to help with any and everything he can. He has offered to handle all things in Eureka Springs such as lodging and helping find places for us to choose from on dining and lodging and such. He is also working closely with Ken on the route planning and the drives.


Dan Lichter - BigDBass Donations and begging for free stuff



Well, poor Dan has volunteered to take on the hardest task of all, even harder on such short notice. He is contacting vendors and merchants and anybody else he can beg, beat or shame into giving us some free swag to give away at the event. Dan knows how nice it is to win something cool as he scored some PMB brakes from Eric Shea last year. Dan was also the one responsible for donating the really cool key chains everyone found in the goodie bag. Odds are against him this year with very little time to work but I have full confidence in him.

Ron Mott - pcar916 Paperwork Guru and legal mumbo jumbo



As Ron stated previously in his other thread he has offered to handle all the paperwork associated with the PCA and the 914 SIG and to coordinate with the local regeion PCA to obtain us sponsorship with the PCA and support from the 914SIG. It didn't take me but a couple of conversations with Ron to know that I would have been in DEEP shit when it came to all the legalities and paperwork. Thanks to Ron we should be well covered by PCA and should receive assistance for the SIG and the PCA.


Travis Howard - Car Show

I will add others as I get info. If I screwed up anyone's info please let me know.