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If you ever had a 914, please have your say.

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There is a 914 basher in Customer discussion Click: Amazon ~ Discussions: Once a year oil change: when is the best?

This used car salesman who has probably never driven a middie, has been unjustly badmouthing the 914. Can everybody please chime in. He says 914s "were cheap and showed that Porsche engines are sludge monsters." It is unfair to young readers just coming in, to hear this rubbish without your opinion.

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Please go in there and straighten this guy out about Porsche!
JackV sounds like the type of self-centered a** who won't change his/her mind (you never know! biggrin.gif ) - no matter what anybody says! dry.gif

.... unfortunately an all too common problem on the web. sad.gif


Spend your time here & enjoy others who do know something about 914s! biggrin.gif

BTW - a year out of college I specifically bought my 73 914-2.0 in Dec. 75 over it's competitors - NOT the 2x-3x more expensive $10-20k sports cars JackV compares the 914 with - because it had superior handling, equal or better performance, good build quality, better value retention, & better fuel economy - and the /4 over -6 or 911/912 for the ability to have it serviced almost anywhere in the boonies in a pinch by a VW shop given the commonality.

It had 45k miles on when I started & I took her up to 172K in about 10 years, including all weather, 1000-2000 mile XC trips, tent camping, skiing, bicycling outings, beach, Rugby most weekends in season, etc., & local SoCal commuting - all with nary a problem other than usual wear-n-tear items!

So JackV obviously needs a glass navel to see where he/she is going! dry.gif

Although I do see his/her point in not needing the driving gloves in 80 degree weather! biggrin.gif poke.gif driving.gif

Cheers! beerchug.gif
PS - I read your write-up, and they actually did have Silver in all MYs 70-76 for both /4 & -6 914s, but perhaps not as common.

.....look here, it's a good info site on 914s:

Another good 914 info site is: addition to the 914 info button at the top of the page, and the Garage & Originality & History Forums - and The Paddock since you're an ex-racer Z(probably still on the HA roads! biggrin.gif driving.gif w00t.gif

Make sure to add your current and past 914s to the VIN registry on here, done at your My Controls area. type.gif

You may even find past or current owners of your 914s on here! shades.gif
QUOTE(Tom_T @ Feb 7 2012, 11:11 PM) *

PS - I read your write-up,
Thanks I always wanted to find out more about my car. What kind of wheels does she have on that green one in the first post?

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Don't sweat it -the world if full of asshats. It's not worth your time. We love our 914's and that is that. Some people are so ignorant that they don't see the need to educate themselves and/or just can't learn.
Who gives a rats ass about what him or anyone else thinks of our little cars. We know how much fun they are to drive and are proud to own them. I have folks on an almost daily basis tell me they used to own one (yeah right!). They all say " I loved that little car. Wish I had never gotten rid of it". Not one person has ever said " biggest peice of junk I ever owned". Not one! The only people who bash them are the ones who have never driven one.
Jack doesn't know jack.
Ad nauseum dribble...not worth getting into a debate with the stromberg.gif
Wow, that dude is seriously insecure... won't find much of that here.

He's a little like the consultant who won't talk to anyone in the room but the guy with the most expensive clothes, while the owner of the company is wearing blue jeans and a sport coat. Good thing is they're easy to spot. Sit elsewhere when it's dinnertime. But take him like you own him on the track.

I'll take my little 914 any day.
biggrin.gif It sounds like we're all unanimous about Jack! biggrin.gif

One more idea for him ..... you could always tell Jack to:
"Go back off in your own Jack yard!" lol-2.gif

Cheers! beerchug.gif
QUOTE(pcar916 @ Feb 8 2012, 12:16 PM) *

Wow, that dude is seriously insecure... won't find much of that here.

It takes a hunka hunka manly package for us to drive such a girly little car, amirite? drunk.gif
Especially a Salmon-colored one blink.gif
I love the 914!! Part of the reason is the experience of feeling the road conditions feed back thru the steering wheel and the seat of my pants, and hearing the engine working. Of course there are more expensive sports cars with more luxurious interiors that deaden that experience, but why would one want that?
Well, the guy is welcome to his opinion, I sure don't agree with him and would look at any "advise" he had to give with a tilted head. dry.gif
on his third 914 since 1975.
I read a bunch of his missives. He likes big, loud, high-horsepower cars that treat him like a lil baby. All that translates into a wimp with a little dick that probably couldn't figure out the shift pattern on a 914.
Thanks for taking the time. The first one I saw up close was a PCA driver’s school up at Willow Springs. It was treated as a real Porsche, but I went looking for a Lotus. The 914 was a better value for all the reasons Tom said.
QUOTE(Tom_T @ Feb 7 2012, 11:00 PM) *
.. because it had superior handling, equal or better performance, good build quality, better value retention, & better fuel economy - and ... the ability to have it serviced almost anywhere in the boonies in a pinch.
Superior handling

scotty b
confused24.gif Clearly Jack Ovz wife left him for a 914 owner sheeplove.gif
Plus the fact that his parents were cousins.
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