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I will need a full list of the registered participants and their t-shirt sizes so I can order the shirts on Monday... or sooner. Also those who ordered extra.
No prob. I get back late tomorrow night so ill have it by friday
ok here's the list of registered participant shirts (quantity in parenthesis) :
Elllliiiiooooottttt XXL
Nathan Morse (aircooledtechguy) XXL
Brett Korven (biosurfer1, WCR 2012 Assistant to the Emperor) XL+S+M
Jim Hoyland ?? no size given
Nathan Scruggs (nathansnathan) L+M+XL
Warren White (ww914) XL
Jeffrey Tucker (Jeffs9146) L
Mark Whitesell(mikey914) XXL+L
McMizzleDizzle L biggrin.gif
Rob "Why dodge cones when the fastest way from point A to B is a straight line" Sime (Conedodger) You know your size biggrin.gif
John Cardenas (jeeperjohn56) XXL(2)
Justin Polewackzxwkqqxzyk (justinp71) L
Jeff Stroud (jsconst) XL
Jamie DeRuiter+1 (lucid 914 dream) XL
Mike Bellis (kg6dxn) XL
Larry Moeller (larrym) ?? no size given
Tony Ainsworth (scrz914) L
Geoff Straw (strawman) M
Thomas Brown(RUNNINGWOLF) ??? no size given
Sandy Chambliss (Seaside6) L
Peter van der Pas (Hydroliftin) XL
Dean Mikel (sawtooth) M + XL
Dave Kawashima (dlkawashima) XL
Rand (Rand a.k.a Captain Creative:)) L
David Parmenter (dparmenter) XXL
Rich Bontempi (HPH) XL
Wallace Westhafer (wes) XL
Jeff Donnelly (jeffdon) ??? no size given
Daniel Blanchard (no screen name given, pm me to add) ?? no size given
Jeffery Haas (Haasman) L
Lennie Willis (Lennies914) XXL
Andyrew L

and the extras:
Marty Yeoman XL(2)
Bryan Stich XL
Rick M(2)

Marty will pick his up at the event, I have Bryan's address but I don't have Ricks.

So it looks like you need to get a hold of:
Daniel Blanchard
Jim Hoyland

to get their sizes since they didnt follow directions mad.gif
added one more for Andyrew
Edited my size. biggrin.gif
ok, so an XXXXL for Mark

any chance we can add another large to the order, had a late payment. I wont say who but it rhymes with Dustin Holeawaczyk if you wanted to make fun and/or beat him:)
Yeah, the XXXXL is perfect for wearing with a belt and nothing else. Something like this... only hotter.

IPB Image
Well... Those shoes would look... Ahh never mind. I got nothin'. sad.gif
Oh and to get back on subject, the t-shirts have been ordered. I may ask Brett to pick them up since he holds the purse strings anyway and knows where the shop is at... biggrin.gif
Did you order any extra? I have had a couple people ask about that
So there have been quite a few last minute registrations and I'm fairly sure Rob didn't order that many extra t-shirts.

What do we want to do about this? Make a list of people who registered after the t-shirt deadline (that was well publicized) and just order more and they get their sent to them later?
Sounds good to me.
T-shirts will be picked up by Brett and Justin Polewacker on their way out of town... biggrin.gif
Did anyone get a list of people who picked up their t-shirts at WCR so we can get a count for the extra's we need to order?

Mark had a list but I have a bunch of shirts still.

so now that we are back up...we should probably get a list of who didn't get their shirt so we know how many we have to order and get those mailed out.

Also, Jim has been paid for his services (thank you!) but if there are other expenses that need to be paid out, let me know.
Name                                Order        Received
Elliot Cannon                        XXL        XXL
Nathan Morse (aircooledtechguy)         XXL
Brett Korven                        XL+S+M
Jim Hoyland                 ?? no size given    M                    
Nathan Scruggs (nathansnathan)         L+M+XL
Warren White (ww914)                 XL        XL
Jeffrey Tucker (Jeffs9146)             L
Mark Whitesell(mikey914)                 XXL+L    XL + M
Mark DeBernardi                     L          --gave my L to someone, but forgot who--
Rob Sime (Conedodger)                 You know your size 
John Cardenas (jeeperjohn56)             XXL(2)
Justin Polewackzxwkqqxzyk (justinp71)     L
Jeff Stroud (jsconst)                 XL        XL
Jamie DeRuiter+1 (lucid 914 dream)         XL
Mike Bellis (kg6dxn)                 XL        XL
Larry Moeller (larrym)         ?? no size given
Tony Ainsworth (scrz914)                 L
Geoff Straw (strawman)                 M
Thomas Brown(RUNNINGWOLF)     ?? no size given    XL + L
Sandy Chambliss (Seaside6)             L        L
Peter van der Pas (Hydroliftin)         XL        XL
Dean Mikel (sawtooth)                 M + XL    M + L
Dave Kawashima (dlkawashima)             XL        XL
Rand (Rand a.k.a Captain Creative:))     L        L
David Parmenter (dparmenter)             XXL
Rich Bontempi (HPH)                     XL        XL
Wallace Wes Tahafer (wes)             XL        XL
Jeff Donnelly (jeffdon)         ?? no size given
Daniel Blanchard (no screen name given)     ?? no size given
Jeffery Haas (Haasman)                 L
Lennie Willis (Lennies914)             XXL        M + XXL
Andyrew Dalen                        L        L

and the late orders:
Marty Yeoman                         XL(2)        XL(2)
Bryan Stich                         XL
Rick                                 M(2)

and the people on Mark's handout list, but not above:
Peter Jacobs                        L(2)
Ken Schipper                        XL(2)
Rotten Johnny                        XL
Rob Ways                            XL

John Cardenas wanted two XXXL.
I'd like to get $100, if it's agreeable, for the awards, pens, etc.
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