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Hey, I had spoke to McMark about helping on the 2013 WCR, I was hoping to assure it had some growth as far as reaching more guys outside world. I'm willing to help in any capacity I can. Before I know you guys were stepping up, I had mentioned to Mark that I'd be willing to step up on the idea it was close to the Portland area. I'll help regardless of where it's held, but let me know what I can do to help.
It's important that we get a date set sooner than later so that we can let everyone start planning.
I was just talking about this to Jamie Saturday at lunch. I mentioned that we currently have ~$1000 left over from this year's event (still processing t-shirts) and I'm thinking that we're getting pretty close to being able to purchase insurance for a track (I think).

I'd like to help plan a really great event for next year since I believe it's the 10th year of WCR in some form or another. If we can pay for a track for a day, I think that would bring out more people since we wouldn't be piggybacking on another club, etc.
Yeah, one thing I learned from Monterey was that piggybacking on another 'racing' event doesn't have the same 914 camaraderie feeling. In Medford, we had it all to ourselves. We set our own rules, and we could all compare times and cars. In Monterey we were just another car at a PCA autocross and there were vastly more non-914World people. So it lost that group-feeling.

I've maintained that WCR should be wherever there is someone to plan it. I love the North/South rotation because more people can come to each one. Originally I had like the way-north, middle, way-south rotation, but I think that a kinda-north, kinda-south rotation makes more sense. This would put in in Oregon area, and the Paso Robles/Santa Barbara/SanLuisObispo area in alternating years.

But I will say that even that seems a little too rigid. I don't really care where it is, as long as someone is willing to plan it. You three (Jamie, Mark, Brett) have expressed an interest, but you've all been a little hesitant. We can involve the general population, but most of the time those threads are simply people saying where they would like to have it, and then we have a great location with no one to plan it. rolleyes.gif But we may get someone else who wants to step up.

We can either choose a location based on merits, or we can choose it based on leadership. If any of you really don't want to be the lead planner, best to make that known. Otherwise, we can compare the following:

1. Portland
2. Medford
3. Tahoe
I talked with Mark earlier today. We are hoping to talk with Brett & set up a planning meeting. At the very least we can get a date set. I know Brett has an in with a track.

Updates coming soon biggrin.gif
Brett as in me? I hope not because I dont anyone at any tracks:)

Btw, now that all the shirts have been delivered and I think everyone has been paid off for WCR 2012, I will add up what we have to work with next year, I believe it is just over $1000.

I still have some shirts leftover that I will try to sell after I make sure Rob and Mark get some because I think they gave theirs away at the event.
Nope Brett (BKLA) up in Portland. Although I am stil waiting to hear from them
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