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Porsche 914/6 Euro model- Brown Price: 15,000
My husband bought the car in 1979, drove it for a year. It’s been stored indoors since 1980. Original color was Orange, painted be the previous owner.

I've had a local Porsche guy look through the entire car and take the details pictures. He can get it roller ready for an additional $500. All the detail pictures are on the website link below:

Serious offers only.
Local offer on the table for 13,000

Orig miles: 136,335 km
Purchased 3/21/79
2 tops, 1 SaratogaClick to view attachment Click to view attachment
Somebody please save this car before I make a big mistake and offer....
If I had the talent and time, I'd be all over this. Best of luck with this sale.
Looks very savable !
PM sent.

Obviously worth the asking price....Should already be gone by someone not loco ...thats me. I am resisting .Great marketing job. PM s should be up to 500 my now...Good hunting in the great northwest.
No response. Must be gone already.
Jonathan Livesay
QUOTE(dpires914 @ Mar 9 2013, 04:44 PM) *

No response. Must be gone already. So much for the average guy getting his hands on one. I think I'll be looking for a well done conversion in the future that is reasonably priced.

I think that car would have been a lot of work. For 35 grand in resto costs + purchase price you could have had a pretty damn good $50K car. Looked like it needed new everything on the passenger side from battery tray down to suspension console and rocker, longitudinal, bottom of the firewall, you name it, it wants it. Engine rebuild, paint and body, interior, it had the footrest though.
Good car because it's a six, but probably went for about the right price.
It went for 18k with a another offer of 19k after she made the deal.
I wanted it at 13, but she decided to list it agian, and got a good return on a 7k investment .
Hi there Porsche people...Thank you for all your support and messages. It's been a crazy, emotional ride to sell this car. If you ever need help setting up a simple website to sell your car or show off your handy work - don't hesitate to get in touch. smile.gif

Cheers to all your projects!
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