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Saw this and thought someone might be interested.
Has anyone seen or know anything about this type of steering wheel?
I think is just a steering wheel cover that you can get at most auto parts stores.
wow that is a very nice running 914! he was driving in a rough road but still drive so smooth.
Looks like a nice car overall.

This makes me a little nervous:
"until 2010 when it was purchased by an Atlanta area Porsche restorer"

States no rust but there are ZERO pictures of the hell hole from the engine bay or underneath. Seller has only 2 feedback. Obvious fresh paint as stated, which can cover up a lot...

Click to view attachment

Consider this:

Never shows the very back of the rear trunk floor where they usually rust, without the carpet in place both in the pictures or in the video when he lifts up the carpet.

Not trying to diss the car or the seller. In fact it looks very good overall, just make sure you do your homework before investing $10k.

If you have sharp eyes, note the rust lower right corner (floorpan/suspension/longs) in Miller's photo. It looks like the rust was covered up with paint.

Coupled with sellers statement "rust-free car-never had any the best I can tell" and "dreaded hell holes are solid" yet no picture of the battery tray area? Makes you wonder.

Not trying to bash the guy or anything, but it really helps to be honest on these cars. Not worth $10k maybe $5000-$6000 top price. IF everything else is as the guy portrays.
If the 914 is as good as it looks, low mileage, and things done to it. I think 5 to 6K is kinda low to me. Remember, this car is for sale in the East where good 914's are scarce as hen's teeth. If this car was in California, 5 to 6K sounds right. Just my opinion.
I think one needs to do their homework and a PPI as this car may not be as nice as it appears at first glance. To me the work does not look that clean. It looks like a 10 footer to me. Lot os pictures but not a lot of detail in the areas we all know are problematic. Just don't want someone to blindly snap this up w/o due diligence.
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