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So when is RRC? Those seem like good days to have an event. av-943.gif
Oh snap! blink.gif I'm ok with that if you announce it! biggrin.gif

Seriously though, picking dates is first priority. Once that is done, I can. Go up and talk to the hotel about the lot. It should be an interesting dynamic. The economy is coming back but they've had very little snow so they might be a bit hungry.

Jim, I'm wondering if you can chair a home brew competition? Your brew at White City was outstanding stuff.

Randy, tour master again?

Brett, keeper of the coins?

Mark, ?
I'm thinking early May... What do you guys think?
May is great other than memorial weekend.

Have we ever done Bandon, Gold Beach, Arcata or Pismo?
No... None of those..
We need an official organizing committee. Who's in?
Send PM's to the people who offered to assist in the WCR thread. Give them the password and tell them to meet you here for discussion. Pick a leader and from there, dates, activities, awards etc... Someone will need to contact member vendors to beg for drawing stuff. McMark and I have done 3 of the 10 or so WCR events as organizers so we are available to advise should you have questions. One simple rule, does not exist except in a virtual sense. You may not make written agreements promising hotels that a certain number of people will attend and so forth. You shouldn't do this in your own name either, however you are an autonomous person so we can't tell you what to do in that regard. Avoid Hilton/Doubletree Hotels as they require such performance agreements.
I believe the members you need to PM are Wes, just, jstroud, etc. when you get to that point, I can tell you who to talk to on tshirt design and suppliers. Bio surfer has been the WCR treasurer for years so I advise you to keep that stability.

Mark and I will advise and we are watching. Hotshoe is wrong, these are not that difficult to plan and execute. A group effort with clearly defined responsibility works well. Jcd914 is a home brewer and knows a good and inexpensive mobile caterer. We have used his friend twice. I advise you involve him.

Sounds good. I'll go through the thread carefully and PM all who offered up to help on the committee. I can't do it by myself, that's for sure.
QUOTE(sgetsiv @ Feb 3 2014, 01:23 PM) *

Sounds good. I'll go through the thread carefully and PM all who offered up to help on the committee. I can't do it by myself, that's for sure.

Well, we have your back. If you can't get an adequate crew together and get a good start on planning, it will be the weekend before Memorial Day in Lake Tahoe at Harvey's...

Good luck! biggrin.gif
I think the weekend before Memorial Day is a good date, that said I'd like to see it somewhere other than Harvey's, but I know time is short if it has to be Harvey's so be it, but I'd be willing to help make another choice work but I think we need to get going if we are to make it work.

My cell 916-834-6574

I'd be willing to get trophies made up, just need to know what categories we want to acknowledge.

Activities: BBQ, drives, poker run ? Lots to think about.

Donations from vendors ?

I'll be at McMarks tomorrow, I'll get ideas from him....we'll get it done !

Like I told Rob when he asked if I wanted to help, I don't have a lot of spare time but I'll do what I can.

Once a date a location is set I will attempt to put together some sort of Home Brew Competition or at least see if I can get some members to bring their home brew.
Depending on when and where I might actually be able to get a BJCP Certified beer judge or 2 to judge the entries.

I can check with my fiend Andy about catering again but he (and his wife) has had some health issue this last year and may not be up to it.

I'd say stick with Tahoe & the weekend before Labor day. Thats as good a day as any. Decide on that & then we can move on to other stuff. Needs days set to decide on a hotel anyway
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