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So everthing will be in one spot, Sample activity schedule based on input so far, I'll update as things progress and change.

Location: So. Lake Tahoe

Dates: Thursday May 15, 2014 till Sunday May 18, 2014

Hotel: MonteBleu So. Lake Tahoe

Thursday: Meet N Greet in the Hotel parking lot

Drive to Need 2 Speed in Reno, Led by Rob

11:00am Go- Kart Challange Race/ Group photo in parking lot

Lunch at Joe's Diner

Return Drive to MonteBleu with poker run

Parking lot Tech session with McMark, Topic: Valve adjustment

Home Brew Competition/tasting?


Saturday: Morning spit N shine car show

Group Photo

Drive around the Lake, with a stop for lunch

Awards/Dinner at Lake Tahoe Pizza Co. 1168 Emerald Bay Rd SLT (banquet room Reserved from 6-10pm)
Sounds like a pretty good lineup. I think getting a list of things to do in town is great too. Just cool things to check out or places to shop. Something for the families that may come along. They won't typically go on all our run's or activities. So it's nice to have a list of things they can do
That's a good idea, as soon as we get a hotel figured out, so we know which part of the lake we'll be at we can work on that.

Updated the schedule....?

Do we have a hotel yet, the natives are getting restless.

I say we call it Mont Bleu is the base hotel. They did not return my phone message and the link on their website to group reservations does not display anything.
I agree...
Updated the first post, Still need to decide:

Lunch Friday....something at kart racing, somewhere else, on there own?

Drive back from Reno...Poker Run, Just a drive, planned and led by?

Friday evening BBQ...where, by who, who's setting up, or pizza?

Saturday Group photo...where, who's taking it?

Saturday drive... where, poker run, planned by, led by?

Saturday evening dinner... where, who's setting it up?

The drives and poker run we have time to figure out, I was thinking maybe do the poker run saturday since we have the Kart racing as part of the Friday drive.

The Friday BBQ/pizza and the Saturday dinner, and the friday lunch if we do one, need to be decided so we can get costs together and get registration open, these items need to be figured out ASAP. Seems like Ken left us hanging on the T-shirt design, I'll have to see if I can get it done elsewhere, regardless I'll have a price figured out this week.
This parking lot looks like a decent picture location. There's a ranger hutch at the entrance, so I'm not sure if we have to talk to someone to get access. But if we can get it it should look good.

Best picture times are early in the morning on late in the evening. Early morning would mean the parking lot is likely empty.

I can certainly take the picture.
QUOTE(McMark @ Mar 28 2014, 10:40 PM) *

This parking lot looks like a decent picture location.

Is the parking lot in your head.....cause I can't see it.... av-943.gif
I'll find a place for the photo, I'll probably go up early
Thursday, so I can look around.

Updated the first post, looks like we have plenty of activities, still need to decide what we are doing for Friday and Saturday dinners.

Rob, you mentioned in your post about a Thursday BBQ, did you mean Friday, or are you setting something up for Thursday night? Did you ask about BBQing in the parking lot when you were there, will they let us?

Jim, are we doing the brew competition?
Did some checking today, most catering, and banquet rooms in the area including our host hotel, are expensive, and require a deposit.

I found a place, very good too, Lake Tahoe Pizza Co. (530) 544-1919 They have banquet seating for up to 40, and only require a reservation to hold it. Looking at their menu, we should be able to have pizza, salad, and a soft drink for around $14 a person.
Thought maybe this would be a good place for Saturday night, then do the awards stuff there.

I also found Gordons Backyard BBQ-catering. (775) 575 -7692 They can set up and BBQ on site, if MontBleu will let them and provide a complete meal. If they won't let them BBQ on site they do drop off meal service also, so maybe we could have them drop off and eat in the parking lot Friday night. Would have to call them to check menu and pricing, but they seem to be the only on site BBQ in the area.

Pizza place sounds perfect, especially on the off chance of bad weather, we'll be indoors.

$14/person seems reasonable
OK I reserved the banquet room from 6-10pm for Saturday night at Lake Tahoe Pizza Co. the only requirement is a 5% fee added to our tab for the use of the room, so we just need to add this into our costs when figuring registration.
At least no deposit or CC to hold, and they were there when I lived there, very good pizza then.

I'll call the BBQ place tomorrow
So Gordons is booked up that day, found another one but they would be $30 per person and won't set up in Montbleu parking lot unless we get permission.
And they require a deposit.

I guess we still need to figure out something for Friday night, any ideas?

Buy some Ribs/tri-tip, bring some BBQ's
Well I'd say let's order some pizza's but since that is the next night... :/

I'm trying to arrange a trailer to haul some stuff up so BBQ's might work but I'm no large quantity chef unfortunately.

What about sandwich catering, one of those 30ft long things?
PM Trekkor. He's got a big BBQ.

If nothing else, Pizza or leave it up to everyone to get their own dinner.
Still need to resolve if we are providing any food Thursday or Friday so we can get registration open.

Could just do Beer and apetizers Thursday

Thought about Mexican food, maybe we can find a mexican resturant to do a large to go order, beans, rice, tortillas, salsa, chili soft taco/burritos.
If we have BBQ's, we could use those to keep it warm, or bring cook stoves.

Mexican works fine with me, but I'd do it Friday, not everyone shows up by Thursday night.
The BBQ for Thursday will just be polish dogs, hot links, and various sausages, chips and a big macaroni salad my wife will make. So we will need a couple BBQ,s
Don't have to be big just two normal size grills. I priced all the stuff at Costco.
Maybe we can pick up some cupcakes or something there also for a dessert.
I wasn't planning on towing the teener down on the trailer. I can if we need a BBQ brought. I'd prefer to just drive the teener though if we have some BBQ's closer. Still it is possible for me to bring one. Let me know
Did anyone see this?

Doesn't have to be an official event but for those not going to Reno or if we get back early enough, might be fun to crash the event biggrin.gif
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