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first off, if this isn't posted in an appropriate place, place move. (no hard feelings)

So I was on BAT this morning and saw this add.

the seller says its a mostly unmolested 1970 six with matching #'s.
and is asking 58K for it.
I really don't understand the pricing of these sixes at all. seems like they're
all being sold for close to 100K lately, + or -.
58K is still a lot of cash, but way cheaper than I would have guessed.
Am I missing some info on this? Description of car, and photos look rad.
I'm basically here for some more 914 education, as I still don't own one sad.gif

Thanks for your time and input.
I really like this site and the community built around it.
It's got a bunch of aftermarket stuff on it (wheels, steering wheel, exhaust, air filters, paint, blinker lenses, and I am sure the guru's will spot more). It probably was an accident repair car but I would be suspicious of a vin swap maybe? Would need an in person inspection.
You will need to get the local group to go look at that for you...something is up
with the pricing...20 thou under easy.....of course the flippers are out there into Cali after the local group gets eyes on it...might go fast at that price..

It is the leftcoastclassics car. If you need further info, please have a look here:

I would be careful.....
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