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I wanted for awhile start a thread about the rare 1972 914-6.

Some know they were built at Karmann plant alongside the 4 cylinder counterpart. I hope the few, the proud 72' six owners could share details on any differences from the Porsche built 1970-71. I believe it was not offered in the USA. Some may have been brought over here by individuals.

Elusive photos show some of the more obvious details such as:

4 cylinder steering column and ignition switch.

front dash vents

moveable pass. seat

different graphic on temp gage. (like late 71)

Appears no hand throttle ?

What is unknown (to me anyway) :

Is there any power train difference, engine and/or trans ?

wiring harnesses and diagrams.

wheels options.

Are they all euro spec in regards to exterior lighting and badging ?

Let's see them 72's please !
I thought that the 72 -6s were finished at Stuttgart, after the finished body shell was shipped from Karmann, as were the 70-71 -6s? huh.gif

Hopefully one of the -6 aficionados will jump in & answer that & your other questions. popcorn[1].gif

One of the guys on here has the definitive 914-6 website, but I've lost my bookmarks with it, & I'm blanking on his name at the moment.

Also FYI, a few years back one of the latest 72 914-6's won at the PCA Parade Concours, so look for that info on the PCA website &/or an old Panorama.

Cheers! beerchug.gif
72's were for European dealers only. Not officially imported to the USA. If I remember correctly there are some remaining in France with club members there,
Jim D
I recently read that all '72 914-6's were made to order.

Hope I can find the source, until then consider hearsay.

Will post some pictures of my basket case, 9142...0044.

Jim D.
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