If you want a one of a kind car that no one else at the show will ever have then this is it! This is a '74 Porsche 914 that spent almost 9 months getting a makeover at Renegade Hybrids in Las Vegas. It had the body kit and engine conversion when I bought it but then Renegade Hybrids went through it top to bottom - new radiator, upgraded transmission, racing axles, roll bar, reinforced front end, new fuel line, flushed fuel tank, repaired all rusted areas before a new paint job (inside and out), custom dash, new carpet kit, alarm system with power door locks, new window seals, new windshield, new valve covers, rebuilt water pump, upgraded brakes and a few other small mods.
Top easily comes off.

I cannot drive this car without people taking pictures or asking me about it when I stop. I have not had it out on the track or entered into any car shows. It is just my fast and fun weekend toy. I know that I am asking more than a "normal" V8 conversion but due to the unique nature of the car and the quality of work done to it I think it is worth the extra expense. Open to offers but I am not in a hurry to sell it so I can wait for the right buyer.

Bravossa Body kit by Fiberjet, Custom exhaust tips, 930 mirror upgrade
All new carpet, dash and doors. New Renegade Hybrid seats with 4 point harness, Rollbar
Chevy small block V8 300 HP, completely reworked at Renegade Hybrids in Las Vegas. New radiator, new fuel line, upgraded 9" clutch plate.
Odyssey PC925 battery with Schumacher 1.5amp charger/maintainer
Transmission upgrade with 4sp taller gears
New clutch pedals
New Clutch Cable with Bowden repair
Upgraded racing axles
Custom Fiske wheels
Rear tires: Michelin 335/35 ZR 17
Front tires: Michelin 225/45 ZR 17
JVC KD-AVX77 Deck with Satellite radio kit
Deck plays DVDs
2 Focal Speakers
1 Bazooka Bass