Edit 2: Sorry for "teh dramas" - this'll teach me to post these on the forums... There's an ad offering "Free 914, just sheetmetal" giving the same map location in "for sale" from 16 days ago. Same chassis? Maybe, but the ad copy is different. link to ad

Edit 1: Terribly sorry, this was apparently removed between when I put the window aside over the weekend, and this morning when I thought I should pass it on before losing the pointer.

I noticed the following on Craigslist - it is not my ad. Sorry if that violates the rules, I did check the red link up top... Somebody might want a crack at it, even in this condition. Somebody looking for replacement front fenders perhaps, but many of the small parts look to have been stripped already. Think the trans+motor is missing from pic 5. Windshield missing, letting the weather & critters in.

Appears to be between Monument Road / Treat Blvd / Oak Grove in Pleasant Hill.

Free Porsche 914 Scrap Metal (concord / pleasant hill / martinez)

Free: 1974 Porsche 914 Silver 2.0.

I am looking for someone to take the entire car. Not looking for someone who wants take a switch or lens. Take the entire 914. It has been sitting since 1988 and would make a great parts car, restoration candidate, etc.

- do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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