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914-6 cars are rare about 3352 cars produced, total 914 production of 114000 cars. In the collector word. special or limited cars are desired. The production of the first 52 914-6 cars have different front fenders, the area where the edge of the fender next to the wind wing area and the door area is different in shape. Placing a dime on the fender edge the difference pops out There was a production change on car #53 that made the cars easier to produce. also a rubber gasket was placed in the fender area so finish work time would be reduced. Eric shay reported that car #41 has these special fenders, Making cars starting # 914 043 0011,0012 and 0041 very special in the 914-6 world.
Yes. There are many special cars...the 9-1-4-six is one of them. (edited post too) beerchug.gif

*edit (post removed)
this one is for sale every now and then ... 914.043.0036

of course it's not a factory M471 as the ad says, and the flares are much wider that factory style, but it's in the "earliest production cars range"
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