As more time has gone by and with new racers entering the 914 racing fray and some of the more experienced 914 racers leaving the fold (one way or another), I ask if there is any interest in updating the Member Gear Set Library that Racer914 brought to light back in 2008.

The emphasis could be placed on the comments section. That is, what was the outcome (the good/bad) with a gear set used on a particular track (ran out of RPMs on the straight), too high gearing coming out of certain turns, etc. Of course the engine size, HP/Torque, tire size and car weight of the car would be critically important as well.

Expanding the knowledge base with what was already started could help those racers wanting to use different gearing by "learning" from there fellow racers. I just think there is a wealth of this type of first hand knowledge out there that's not really documented that well. Now with a number of years having gone by with us accumulating more intelligence through experience, it would be great to see what 914 racers detailed comments are these days with various gear combinations at various tracks. Any interest?

I know teeners have been raced for close to 50 years now, so nothing should really be new, but again, I'm not seeing the detailed comments for the results observed. Just sayin'...or maybe I'm not looking in the right places.

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