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looking to sell these body panels, (front clip,rear quarters and rear bumper)

can anyone tell me who made/makes them?

QUOTE(Jetsetsurfshop @ Sep 4 2017, 07:21 AM) *


No, that does not look like any of Roger's designs.

The fronts look similar to AIR's SCCA body kit but the rears look more like they're home-made.
The front clip looks like the old "Chasse" 914 bodywork =>
A little different than the AIR front. I'm not sure who makes those anymore, but you could start with The owner, Steve Limbert, is a longtime 914 racer. He used to make bodywork, and may still. Or at least get you pointed in the right direction.

Also found an old thread on this topic here on the forum. A couple contacts mentioned that may help =>

The rear fenders may be the ones from GT Racing => Might as well ask Steve about those too.

thanks guys. i'll look into this a liitle more, I only ask as I want to sell the panels.

Check out the Patrick Motorsports site - they've got a couple of cars with body panels very similar these.
The rear lower valence is definitely a Sheridan, I just added one to my car and it was purchased from Roger
The nose looks to be a what is commonly known as a "Baker Nose"... designed by Wayne Baker back in 1980. They were used extensively on IMSA 914s thru 1987 and many SCCA cars until others refined the design. The rear quarter panels look like those used during the same time era.
Funny how many different opinions ...

I'm pretty sure the Baker nose and Topper Chasse nose are the same thing.

One the rear flares, I'll amend my earlier response to agree that they look like Sheridan's.
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