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Had some performance problems at the two previous races, down on power. Turned out to be electrical system was not functioning correctly and the carbs needed attention. And while they were in there, a crack was found on the suspension console on the right know, right below the original battery location.

Well, the electrics were fixed, car went to the dyno to attend to the carbs and the console was welded. Viola! Car feels "right" again. So off to The Glen for some fun....

Mike I am going to commit what is probably on this site a major faux pas.....that is to comment on your driving ........ your line sucks.... I mentioned it once from another of your track videos...which I do enjoy watching.. You response was that it was a good passing line....bull pucky !..Because you tend to gain on the cars ahead of you by diving in on an early apex line ...that is killing you throttle feed , and they drive away from you on exit every time ., even less powerful ones...tracks have a fast line period !...nuance adjustments are for car handling traits , and driver style when those options are not slower early apexing is almost always slower..!..You line at the kink , is really a good one , better that those ahead of you in the video....but why are you lifting ? ...your car is settled , and you are in a race.....I hope this wasn't offensive, I used to be an instructor and sometimes its hard to keep my mouth shut...
Thanks for the comments. I am having fun and not hurting anyone. I do know "the line" at The Glen and have instructed there many times myself. Look, this is a vintage race, I'm there with friends we're being safe and having a good time. So I do the early apex thing and maybe it's not getting the results you want to see. I don't have to report back to the team owner and explain why my line and style suck this weekend. I mean, it's not like I'm going to get fired. Oh wait.....I am the team owner.

In all seriousness, I do understand what you are saying and yes, it's evident that slower cars are pulling away from me, but in the end, I ended better than I started and did my personal best lap time that weekend. Maybe next race I'll use a different strategy. It's all good!
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