FS:/ Remaining Inventory - Online Porsche Parts Business and Turnkey Website -- $150K

Website: www.carrera6partsonline.com
Call Scott at (626) 795-2163

We’ve sold a portion of our original inventory. We’re also now willing to sell specific categories (all the transmissions, engine parts, etc.) separately. Please call to discuss pricing.

The website and mechanical parts inventory still available are as follows:

• Very large Porsche parts inventory acquired over more than 30 years. This huge collection has been in the making since the 1980s.

• All Porsche parts, primarily for early 911, 912, 914, 928, 944 and 356 models.

• Lots of unique, miscellaneous parts and small, hard to find items.

• All factory original, used parts: body, engine, electrical, glass, suspension, transmission, wheels, wiring, etc.

• Fully operational since 2004.

• Turnkey site includes shopping cart, as well as photos and listings of thousands of parts already inventoried, boxed and ready to ship.

• Located at www.carrera6partsonline.com. Please note that items currently listed on the site constitute only a portion of the in-house inventory.

Although this inventory includes many larger parts (carburetors, mechanical fuel injection systems, transmissions, gear boxes, etc.) even more value, and greater revenue potential, exists in the individual components – the parts within the parts. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in an online parts business with an inventory that can provide excellent income potential for years to come.

Building/property is not for sale. Website and parts inventory only.
Website: www.carrera6partsonline.com
Call Scott at (626) 795-2163