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Had a great time racing with SVRA at Indy on the road course. Numerous classes including TransAm series as well. Three sessions on "Test Day" then Three on "Practice Day" then two sessions Qualifying and two races. I was put in Group 12b since Kermee is overbore for Group 8 but was on track with Group 6 big ground pounders 'vettes, Mustangs, Camaros for test day, great fun watching the mirrors.
Racing was great--very serious guys there--keep an eye on my mirrors--had Bimmers breathing down my neck for the first couple of laps. Two other 914's, both in Group 8-- Tom Briest and Jim Lenehan were ahead of me. I scored a second place podium on the first race in 12b, got a bottle of milk & medal & hat & photos up on the Indy podium--sweet!
I didn't place so well in the second race due to an (Ahem...) misunderstanding about track position with a 911 driver who I think lost me in his at just after 5:50 in the video....keep watching also for lots of action at the end of the main straight as well. I did finally reel in the 911 and finished ahead of him. Pump up the volume and enjoy!

Thanks for sharing, I take it that is Kermeee?

Looks like fun!
How bad was the contact damage @ 5:55?
QUOTE(rhodyguy @ Jul 3 2018, 11:48 AM) *

How bad was the contact damage @ 5:55?

Just a tire mark behind the door opening & on the flare & a bit of Orange paint on my rim....all buffed out in 20 minutes, but I'll check rear toe to be sure.
Here ya go
Click to view attachment
great video
very very nice!

sorry about the car but so glad it wasn't worse!

thanks for sharing
Very nice John!
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