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was this just a dealer accessory or aftermarket and is it easily removed
It was usually aftermarket and glued to the metal dash in place of the vinyl.
QUOTE(bulliporker @ Jul 17 2018, 01:07 PM) *

was this just a dealer accessory or aftermarket and is it easily removed

It actually was most often a dealer sold accessory, came in a couple of wood types/finishes (there was also a "turned aluminum" one too), as in the pic of my buddy's OO `71 914/4 1.7, which was ordered that way by a buyer who backed out, before my buddy bought it new.

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While you coould buy them aftermarket as well later, & either have them installed or DIY, I think that most 914 owners got them from the dealers.


maybe a bit retro , but I like it, expecially the darker cherry or mahogany, or walnut like you were selling, Mark. I thought about getting it for my car since I have a classic wood steering wheel and matching center gauge panel.
was hoping it was an easy job to remove and stuck on top of the original dash
I’ve already posted pictures of the wood dash that has
been in my car since new.. The original owner ordered it
from a catalog in the showroom.. He also had the Amco crash bars
put on the Bumpers at the same Time, along with the PORSCHE
script On the doors . The door decals came off immediately in
1973 and the car has Stainless Bumpers now so as much as
I’d like to put the crash bars back on, there is no way I’m
drilling holes in the new Bumpers.. The wood dash will always
be in the car.. It is part for of the period correct feel of the car.
For what it is worth, Ive seen 2, 914-6 wood dashes and 1,4
cylinder version back in the day..
the car I have found is very original and immaculate condition I have never seen another like it
my car had it installed in Germany, when built

.... still have the oem rosewood pieces on shelf (somewhere) ... iirc they were veneer-on-ply-backing "glued" to the oem metal panels that would have held the vinyl fascia - if i can find them easily i'll get a picture of the "set" - no digital cameras 'way back then - (very poor scan below)

- iirc there are pics on the web of '69 911 dash of that look & that it was a "factory option" - (the 911 guys will know)

i removed it circa 1992 & replaced with oak veneer for grainier look (pic below)

once upon a time we could get woodgrain burl formica to match the "old cars" look, but it has gone off market

more recently i looked into making a "new" set of walnut burl look using the woodgrain ABS they use on boat dashboards, (

but after buying a full sheet & contemplating the fab process, decided to stick with my current "look" - (another $100 thing stashed in the shed - maybe i can use it on a tabletop someday?)

pic of the current oak version
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scan of oem rosewood glovebox cover from OLD OLD 1974 kodak print
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I finally found a picture of the dash...

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