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so I understand that both Leistritz & Bischoff were OE manufactures of the Banana.
Is there any accumulated knowledge of when how or why one was applied to a car vs another?
I ask as I just had a car show up at the shop that is outfitted identically as my LE except mine has Bischoff exhaust and this car has Leistritz.
What surprised me is how different they sound. blink.gif confused24.gif

IIRC Bischoff made the stock mufflers, Leistritz made both stock & optional "Sport" mufflers, the latter were a tad bit louder or throatier than the stock banana - but then an old muffler from either with much of the innards gone from rust will sound louder/throatier as well.

AFAIK - the stock was whichever Hans or Franz grabbed from the bin, & what was in stock in the bins - except for the optional Liestritz "Sport" muffler, which would've been a special order item.

Cheers! beerchug.gif
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