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There's a gold 914 currently listed for sale on BAT.

Question...on the COA under optional equipment it lists 'US Specifications w/Sun Test Special Paint'. What exactly does that it referring to the metallic paint?


US Specification was usually for the 49 or 50 state emissions requirements, required sidemarkers F & R (adding F "Warts" - because R were integral to the taillights on all models Worldwide IIRC), & anything else US-DOT required for that MY. Some MY's also had the CA Spec. for the more stringent smog controls here.

As for the "... w/Sun Test Special Paint" part - IMHO the COA person either misread the Porsche Code or used the wrong MY &/or P-car model's option code - as they do all too often! dry.gif

Look at other COAs & Window Stickers at Jeff Bowlsby's website to see if you can find what the correct info should be instead of that "... w/Sun Test Special Paint" BS.

The gold would be a special option paint. It should not be linked with the US equipment.
I have never heard of "Sun Test" paint before, and I have been checking paint codes for 40 years.
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