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Hi. I'm new to the forum and currently shopping for a 914. One I'm interested has a 1973 VIN, but the owner is not sure what engine because it has a 1.8 emblem on the back. It also has a center console which I 'think' was only an option for the 2.0 in 1973. If it were a 1974 car, this would all make sense. When I asked him, he said, "It's either a 1.7 badged as a 1.8 on the rear of the car, or it may be a late 73/early 74 with a 1.8. It's VIN is 1973, but a tag in the car mentions 1974...could be a transition car." Is this possible? Thanks for the help!
The engine number and location would help. If it’s a 1.7 or 1.8 the number is on top of the case rear passenger side at an angle (look towards the rear directly across from the distributor). If the car has its original fuel injection it’s easy to tell the 1.7 from the 1.8 as the air box is different (do a search for pics).

The center consol was available in both ‘73 and ‘74 as an option. The 1.8 engine was only available in ‘74 and ‘75. Prior owner could have put a 1.8 in a ‘73 car, but that would be unlikely.
Post VIN number. That will tell all. 74 cars were built starting in August 1973.
Tri - short answer is Nope!

It could be several things, but first - any 914 could have the center console as an option, or it could've been added by any PO in the past 4+ decades - as it was a popular add-on in the aftermarket as well.

Second - due to the varying US-DOT, US-EPA & Cal DMV/CARB requirements by model year - there could legally NOT be any kind of an amorphous blended 73-74 nor any MY car.

Although certainly some non-regulated parts were used up from prior MYs in the early next MY, but this is usually something like tool kits & jacks, window cranks & door handles, carpet sets & thresholds, etc.

So there were NO factory `73 MY 1.8L 914s - only `74 & `75 MY 1.8s (none in `76 MY, only 2.0).

But again, any PO could've done an engine swap with a 74/75 1.8, or bored/stroked a 1.7 out to 1.8 (although the usual was to go bigger to 1918 cc or so) - & then stuck a 1.8 badge on the back. Or a lazy PO, body/repair or resto shop could've used the 1.8 badge because they had one & it was handy, free, cheap, etc.

Most likely could be a transplanted 1.8 from a 74 because it was a handy rebuild alternative, with the PO also changing the 1.7 badge to 1.8. But also check the following....

Lastly - it could be a Franken-car, with a damaged 73 front stitched-up to a 74 rear section. So you should check that the VIN & Chassis Nos. are the same at all places:

VIN - stamped into the top of the RF wheel housing & on the plate at the RF Headlight Housing inside the front trunk, plate at the RF Windshield at the A-pillar, & at the VIN sticker at the rear driver door jamb.

Chassis No. - stamped on the Karmann Plate at the front driver door jamb, & stamped into the R to Center-ish rear floor of the rear trunk.

If they don't all match up, then something is off!

You might want to use Jeff Bowlsby's PPI inspection form as you look at cars, but also get a pro on 914s to do an actual full on PPI if you're not sure.

Good Luck! beerchug.gif
Perfect. Exactly what I needed. Thank you! BTW, the VIN is 4732911618.
Another quick question. Is there a way to tell if the engine is original to the car? From the research I've done, the engine number isn't the same as the VIN number. So on a 1973 car, is there a way to tell if the 1.7 liter engine in it is the original? Obviously, I'm not taking about this car specifically since it's a 1973 with a 1.8 liter. Thanks for the help!!!

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