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Hi everyone

I'me very new to the 914 world. I've bought myself a 914 that I have yet to get back to Australia. It has no engine, but I do have a rebuilt 3.0 from a 911sc that will I'll be using for this project.

It'll be a weekend car and 2-3 track days (solo) per month.

I've done a fair bit of reading into the chassis stiffening options, but some of the threads/resources date back to early 2000's so not sure if there's been any advances in this?

From my reading the options seem to be:
1) cage - of various designs and contact points
2) longitudinals:
a) inner - eg Mad dog and I note Engman has been mentioned, but can't find a site for Engman
b) outer - restoration design and Brad Mayeur
3) GT chassis stiffening kits
4) Tangerine "rear pickup points reinforcing kit"

Am I missing anything?

During my reading, some people mentioned that the GT kit was ineffective, but I wasn't sure whether this was in relation to the all "GT" list or to one particular GT kit
Can anyone clarify this for me, please?

The Tangerine kit (to me) seems like a strengthening kit, but I wasn't sure if this also offered and increase in torsional rigidity?

I'm aiming to stiffen the chassis as much as I can for my purposes s mentioned above, whilst avoiding unnecessary weight increase.

Thanks in advance

Chris at tangerine, really knows his stuff. I would give him a call and have him help you pick out the best product for your needs.

Ditto on both points - welcome and congrats on your new 'second job'! These things are a lot of fun. Chris Foley is the go-to resource for 914 tub/chassis expertise and parts.

I would be glad to share more about what was done on my car, which is pretty extensive (including some Foley/Tangerine parts), but not to say it's perfect or the only possible config. I have a build thread here:

and some pretty extensive photos here:

Feel free to PM w/ any questions!

BTW - I believe a 73 2.0 Ravenna green car I sold in the early 2000's ended-up in Australia somewhere. It was a very clean California car, LHD, and I figure there can't possibly be very many bright green 914s down under. If you happen to hear about it or see it, I sure would love to hear an update and get the new owner onto the World.
Thank you to you both for the welcome and the advice!

I have spoken to Chris, initially, about a full cage, and have reached out again via email.
So I look forward to hearing what he has to suggest.

I went through a similar process on my 1979 911sc, which now has a 3.6, hence the spare 3.0 for this project

Thanks for the links. I'll be sure to reach out to you when the time comes!
I'll certainly keep my eyes out for the Ravena green 914 and keep you updated if I do stumble across it.

Thanks again!

Just FYI, Mark Bland made the Engman products but unfortunately he passed away about six years ago (too young). Maddog has reproduced the inner stiffeners.

On my current project I've done inner stiffeners, with Resto-Design outer stiffeners, and the balance of the traditional GT stiffening plates, supplemented with custom plates on the inner/rear part of the longitudinals as well.

This car won't be a track car though, just a street hot rod. I personally am not a fan of a cage in a street car, but thats just me.

FYI - the Garage forum might be a better place to post going forward, more traffic.
There has been a ton of discussion over all of this since the forum started. My takeaways...

Don't cage a street car

INNER long reinforcement is more effective than outer, so the "Engman" kit was the ticket. As Perry said, they are gone now, but look at Maddog to see if his is as good. Inner, not outer.

The GT plates (under/behind the inner rear fenders) are controversial. Added weight, originally done on the fly in the field at the race track, not so much worthwhile as it turns out.
One thing important no one mentioned is seam welding the structural points on the chassis. Adds little weight and a lot of strength and rigidity.

Another kinda minor point with the 'GT' armor plating in the wheel wells as Otto used to call it -- You give up a little wheel/tire clearance. I had to do some grinding to get some clearance back and smooth the welds & edges of the plates.
QUOTE(Rand @ Jan 10 2019, 01:17 PM) *

INNER long reinforcement is more effective than outer, so the "Engman" kit was the ticket. As Perry said, they are gone now, but look at Maddog to see if his is as good. Inner, not outer.

How did you come by this data? Was it just the volume of sales? Or do you have evidence that the Engman kit worked better than the Mayuer kit that goes from the front of the car all the way to the rear suspension pickup?

I have the Mayuer kit on my car. It takes the outer long and puts a top on it so it is like corrugated cardboard. My car is so stiff I can jack it up anywhere on the side and both wheels on that side leave the ground at the same time.

I know the Engman kit is effective, and easier to install. But is it better?


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