Shocked by the prices for some of the original factory posters from the 1970s—$400 into the thousands—but don't need two of these.

Will let the 914/6 poster on the floor go for $200. Condition is nice but certainly not perfect. There is some damage around the edges (a new frame would work wonders), but the color—as you can see—isn't far off of the one in the frame on the wall which came out of a tube not too long ago and has never seen direct sun. The plastic/string frame with edge clips at bottom is good enough to hang in the garage for now (where it was for years with me), but I'd reframe this poster. The poster is mounted, but that can be dealt with at the time of framing.

Will let the 917 poster, nicely framed in black metal with glass, go for $60.

The Quail poster is indeed a Corvette, but it's still nice—and the frame is very pretty in dark blue metal with glass. $50.

Local pickup only.