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Car is SOLD

'73 2.0, Fuchs, appearance group. Clean CA non-op title that's a year out of date. Supposedly matching # engine but there's no COA. It's been repainted so maybe that isn't important one way or the other.

Storage unit find that I bought with just a quick once over. When I got it home and took a closer look, it turns out to be REALLLLY nice. Too nice for anything I'd want to do so right back on the market it goes.

This is an interesting opportunity for someone willing to do a bit of work to clean and assemble this car.

As always, there's "the good" and a little of "the bad". Let's start with the good.
- Olympic Blue. Repainted in the original color. A pretty good paint job and the car does look great. Panels are all really straight. There are some flaws that I tried to capture in the pics. Assemble it and it'd be a top-level driver.

The hell hole looks untouched with no signs of rust in the battery area
Trunk and frunk areas and lids are really clean
It has replacement (late) doors that have been cut for speakers
Fuchs. Three in decent shape, one has a small (repairable) gouge

Stuff that I'd say needs attention:
- poorly repaired jack posts
- rusted solid seat hinges
- likely some rust on the rear floor but the tar is still there so I can't say for sure. A quick check doesn't show any rot or "soft spots".

The engine turns over freely, as does the side shifter transmission. That said, it's been sitting a while so...

There are 10+ bins with multiple sets of parts:
- duplicates and triplicates of things like suspension, steering, heater/fresh air systems
- many NOS, "still have the Porsche part # sticker on them" parts, mostly rubber seals
- Many (most?) replated hardware components

I'll start with a photo dump of the chassis and a few other things and update this thread as I get more pics. If you're interested in a particular area, let me know and I can get you more details.

Interesting trades considered:
- I'm looking for a 981 Cayman (the 914 + cash?)
- I love cool Porsche wheels (Ronals, Group 4, Fuchs 5-lug 8 and 9")
- I'm a tool whore
- Racer Benz needs an LS (1, 2 or 3)

PM me if you're a trader.
Thanks for looking.
Still more
The not as good
This isn't even all of it...
spare harness
Some of the plated stuff
Looks like a hell of a bargain! GLWTS!
It just keeps going...
Seems like a solid deal agree.gif
Found the gauges.
Nice project! Whats the VIN? Any history come with the car?
I wish I had a spare garage stall to put this in. I have always wanted another '73 2.0 car and I can't imagine coming across a better deal - ever. Chris is as honest and forthright as you can get; this is the deal of a lifetime.

I actually asked my wife about this car... yeah, (let me clean it up a bit...) "No!" By the way, one of our members witnessed that exchange. So, sadly, unfortunately, I can not buy this terrific opportunity, solid car.

I know this is going to go fast so I will not have to suffer, wishing I could buy it. beerchug.gif
QUOTE(a9146luvr @ May 14 2023, 05:46 PM) *

Nice project! Whats the VIN? Any history come with the car?

Since it's not going to be my car, I'll let the future owner decide if they want to disclose the VIN. Some folks don't like going public with their info.

It came apart for paint, got painted and the assembly effort never got off the ground for whatever reason. The guy I got it from bought it as you see it here, put it in storage right after getting it and never touched it.
I have a lead on the owner who had it painted and I'm going to see if I can get hold of him and get more info.
Great deal .
If I had room it would be in my garageā€¦..
drooley.gif I would need something to replace the 914-6 if it sells.
so who's the lucky recipient of your largess?
QUOTE(914rrr @ May 18 2023, 11:20 AM) *

so who's the lucky recipient of your largess?

@914rrr - I hope we do get to follow along but it's not my story to tell. If the new owner wants to post about the car, I s'pose we'll hear all about it at that point.
Got the car to roller status and back to the Red Barn, ready for the buyer to pick up. Man, it's a stunner. Someone tell me again why I decided to sell this??? drooley.gif
East coaster
I you think Olympic Blue looks that good?

Click to view attachment
QUOTE(tygaboy @ May 19 2023, 12:14 PM) *

Got the car to roller status and back to the Red Barn, ready for the buyer to pick up. Man, it's a stunner. Someone tell me again why I decided to sell this??? drooley.gif


Wow look at that!!! Well done.
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