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Hello all, been out of the loop somewhat for a while due to some health issues dry.gif but yesterday was feeling better so I took a stab at getting my steering lock working again. Took everything apart, even drilled the special hole to release the tumbler
(Thanks @tweet !)

I didn’t notice, but the switch activator extension thingy did not come out with the tumbler. After messing with it for a couple minutes, I got it to fall out, along with a tiny roll pin. Finally figured out how it all goes back together and thought that would be it.

Nope. Here’s the weird thing, if I release the tumbler and pull it about 1/8” out, the lock bar will slide in and out the way it’s supposed to. But once I reassemble everything completely and turn the key back to the off position, that bar won’t extend back out to the locking position.

Also couldn’t figure out the purpose of the tiny spring loaded pin on the top of the locking bar slide, although it certainly must have one... (see pic)

I’m baffled.

Is a replacement assembly my best course of action here? Has anybody got one? I’ll try posting in the classifieds.

Anyway, here’s some pics...

TIA, Joe

Click to view attachment Here’s the Special Hole

Click to view attachment
Here’s that tiny spring loaded pin. In the background is the reassembled tumbler and activator

Click to view attachment Locking bar fully extended. Operates smoothly
Ok! Another small victory with the 914... I think I probably spent more time than expected here, but in the end it all worked out. Turned out the problem was that the assembly had come apart somehow on it’s own (based on the fact that there was no hole drilled prior to release the tumbler) The tiny roll pin showed up at some point fortunately, but I have no idea how it fell out.

Anyway, the bamboozlement stemmed from the shaft extension that turns the switch only seemed to want to go back together one way. When I finally figured out that it had to be rotated 180° to work, I had to modify it slightly. This would allow the extension of retract back against the tumbler, which allowed the sliding lock bar to engage the column cutout, and immobilize the steering wheel...

Thanks to Curt, Bruce and Rich for responding beerchug.gif , I suppose my German stubbornness kept me at it.

Anyway, I’m sure my nomenclature ain’t exactly correct but, oh well...

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment
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