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i know some of you guys are cheap, so, i need your advice smile.gif

i'm looking for a bank to get another checking account to run my paypal stuff through.
right now, i'm with wells-fargo and i had quite some trouble with them in the past.
like, tons of fees for all kinds of stuff, lost checks, hold's up to seven biz-days on
deposited checks, i even had a hold on a cash$$$ deposit once!

need to switch and i'm looking for alternatives.
any recommendations?

J P Stein
I've been banking at a locally owed bank for about 25 years. Them effin' conglomerates are......(nothin printable.) Credit unions are gud, I hear.
Los Altos Bank.....I don't use them, but I've heard really good things about them.
Britain Smith
I use bank of america and I have never been charged a fee for anything. All online stuff is free also...

I hate Bank of America, use them though, I hate everyone else more.

I alway felt the same way about all banks untill I switched to a credit union several years ago. They are still not perfect, but far better than any bank I have ever delt with.

You usually have to be a member of some special group to get an account. But most are open to all relatives of anybody who has an account. If you ask at a few places I am sure you can find one that will take your money.
andy, if Washington Mutual does business in cal check them out.

QUOTE(rhodyguy @ Aug 4 2003, 04:57 AM)
andy, if Washington Mutual does business in cal check them out.


Second that one. If you're not going to a local credit union or the like I've heard nothing but good about Wash Mutual. Our next account will be there.

Currently at BofA, service is variable at best, can't really recommend them.

Good luck,
Washington Mutual was THE BEST bank in SoCal.

I went through Bank of Assholes when and Wells Fargo before I found Washington Mutual.
There was no comparison at all!!!
Go Bank of America. The fees (if any) are not terrible, plus, they have LOTS of different "plans" to best suit your needs.

Not to mention, there's a BOA ATM machine every 10 miles across the US..... no withdrawal fees.

Every bank is in business to make money off screwing you........ but I think BOA just uses a bit more lube.... and makes it easier.

Can't hurt to go talk with them
Jeff Bonanno

not many branches but they make up for it with service.

thanks for all the input guys. i'll go bank-shopping today smile.gif
I was with Wells Fargo for a long time and I hated them. I finally switched to Washington Mutual Washington Mutual Website They are AWESOME! No checking account fees, free money orders (for eBay stuff = very handy!) check card, online access, nationwide reliability! LOVE 'EM!

-Hope that helps

finger.gif ar15.gif WELLS FARGO fighting19.gif finger.gif
Brad Roberts
I know this will JINX me.. but We have had NO problems with BoA (4 bank accounts with them for the last 5 years)

ALL of our bills are paid online (we dont carry checkbooks)... the free ATM thing is cool.

I do all of my deposits thru the ATM (free) They charge you if you walk thru the front door and speak to

We also use a credit union in Texas (mine) and another one in Kansas (Lyressa's).

All banks will put a hold on a check if it is over 5k dollars.

I used BofA for years and was fairly happy...until their mortgage people screwed up royally on our house deal. So I bailed and went with Wells Fargo (where we have our mortgage & student loans). WF isn't bad service or convenience wise, but their fees are getting pretty crazy - they nickel and dime for online bill pay and stuff like that. Supposedly it helps if you keep at least $10K parked in your checking account at all times. bs.gif

I have stayed away from Washington Mutual because they are extremely unpopular in our area due to their agressive pro-development stance and sprawling land holdings: they are the principle owner of the controversial "Ahmanson Ranch" project among others. But, I have never heard anything bad about them as a bank or lender.
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